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[UPDATE]Perfect Legend resigns from team FNATIC


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Today, an official press release has come from FNATIC regarding his sponsorship:

"Unfortunately we have some bad news for Fighting Game fans today. Perfect Legend has been with us a while and has represented Fnatic at multiple offline events. Today we're sad to announce that we will be parting ways. Carl has wore the black & orange with pride and proven himself to not only be an amazing player but a friend to everyone in this organisation, we would like to wish him the best for the future!

Thank you Perfect Legend!

Carl "Perfect Legend" White, Fighting Games:

I want to thank you all for your wonderful support through our time together. I appreciate you all believing in my abilities and working with me this past year. I wish you all the best in the future of eSports and in life."

"Today, @FNATIC accepted my resignation. I'd like to thank them for their great support through our time together, and wish them the best!" - Perfect Legend
Source: www.fnatic.com
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PL actually goes to tournaments and just parted with his major sponsor. When Idra got booted from EG for being a dick it was a huge article on team liquid (starcraft forum). I bet all you guys were munching popcorn waiting for Lebron, Carmelo, and whoever else to make up their friggin' minds over the NBA thing. This is no different.

Now we'll see if another sponsor picks him up or he fades into obscurity.


I'll defend this front page actually.

Endorsement/team updates about the community's players are definitely noteworthy. When people left arcadia it made EH front page. Usually when a player signs with a new team/sponsor it makes front page at SRK or EH or wherever.

This was an appropriate thing to front page and I was interested when I saw it.


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If he was dropped (or relieved, however you wish to say it) because of his behavior pre-UFGTX Final Round to now, then it's probably something we all saw coming.


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This is a pretty big deal and should be front paged. Roster changes in League/Dota are huge deals, and are broadcast everywhere. K Brad getting on EG was major FGC news. I don't understand why this community is so oblivious to stuff like this, but it's part of the reason the FGC doesn't progress.

Dude just lost a major sponsor, and he's been a top fighting game player in more fighting games than you probably ever will. I don't think it would hurt to show some respect in such a shitty situation.

There's a reason Smash has been out for 10 years, and is as big as it is with sponsors like C9 and Curse. While NRS is shunned by 90% of the FGC regardless of the numbers it gets. Think about it before you type some silly shit.