Update on the Mortal Kombat Movie (It's Still Happening)

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Feb 4, 2019.

By HellblazerHawkman on Feb 4, 2019 at 2:43 PM
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    Originally brought to my attention by @Marinjuana, with the story from MKonline. So there's been talk of a Mortal Kombat movie directed by James Wan (Aquaman, Saw, Insidious) coming sometime eventually in the future. Then Wan kind of dropped back into a producer role, while Simon McQuaid (new guy on the scene) stepped in to direct. Then talk just kind of stopped beyond random interviews where people said they would love to work on this theoretical movie. Well, as of today, the movie might be more set in stone than we previously thought.


    Greg Russo (another new guy on the scene, but currently working on this, a Resident Evil reboot and the Netflix Death Note sequel) just posted this on his Twitter. We have what appears to be a finished script, so that's cool. He's also been pretty active, asking fans how they'd like characters to look and other details they can put in to make this movie as awesome as the original was back in the day. So if you have something you maybe want to toss their way, go tweet at him. Guy seems really open to ideas, and they are still early enough along to where this doesn't seem set in stone.

    Along those lines, not to many details beyond Sub-Zero, Liu Kang and Kabal currently being in the film, but that could change. You can be sure we'll have more once they have more though, so look out for that.
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Feb 4, 2019.

    1. Spinky

      I know this might sound pessimistic but there's no way this won't suck like literally every video game movie ever. It's a curse.
    2. NickDaGreek1983
      Thank you for these news !
    3. JBeezYBabY
      Do they have their cast yet? Uncle JBeezY NEEDS to audition!
    4. pure.Wasted
      MK is the last fandom where I’d expect to hear this said. You’re aware that the MK movie exists and is a legitimately decent movie, right?
    5. JBeezYBabY
      RIGHT!? Part 1 was THE SHIT! Everybody looked spot on....except Raiden, but he was funny as fuck so i dug it ;)

      Part 2 was a little bit on the corny side but still a good movie. Interested to see how they do this version and hoping Hollywood dont fuck this up like they do most of the classics.
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    6. MrWarMachine
      Hopefully this will be the bloody brawl fest we all deserve, I'd love to see someone show some real cinematic love to these characters
    7. David Savage
      David Savage
      I hope they do the small background set up for the characters again. Ever since Mortal Kombat Legacy left a bad taste in my mouth, I have been working on background set ups for characters. Mainly Johnny Cage.

      Instead of having him a failed movie star, why not have him be a star that has breaking limits? So my story places him at an MMA competition as a spectator and the headline fighter in the cage hate the guts of JC.
      After a poor and lacking main event, the fighter calls out JC. The owner don't want law suits but JC sight a waver and agrees to the fight.

      I have a blog on it if anyone wants the full story.

      As for other ideas for the movie, I have a story I created, called; The True Deception. Going back to when The Great Kung Lao lost to Goro, Shang Tsung did something that swayed the fight in Goro's favour, which cost GKL his life and the safety of Earth.

      Is there a way to get my idea to Greg Russo other than twitter?
    8. MrWarMachine
      I thought about this too, have Johnny be an MMA fighter turned actor, and the reason why he stopped fighting is because he killed someone in the ring. He acts like a big shot idiot actor to hide the shame and pain of what he's done. Boom, an actual character.
    9. David Savage
      David Savage
      I don't want to lose the happy side of JC by having him a killer. So I honestly don't see that working personally.

      Cage is a fun persona, that's kind of how he really is, but by having him have snapping points where he can actually be a serious guy for a moment, shows his character does have flaws, no one's personality is 100% bomb proof. The twist is though, JC can use this seriousness and actually becomes a better and more focused fighter, than just some movie star that kicks and punches. My story shows that Johnny is more of a fighter than he leads on.
    10. MrWarMachine
      I think he can still be fun, you just have to play into the fish out of water aspect a bit. Johnny and the Monks are a stupid fun pairing if you balance everything right. I kinda like it because you can change from "actor that people think isn't a real fighter" to "actor everyone shits on because of failed pro sports career" which modernizes it a bit. The JCVD reference is a little dated at this point, even if you shouldn't remove all of the references (nut punch, split kick).
    11. David Savage
      David Savage
      You should read my blog to see how I have portrayed my version of JC. It's not that long and I did it way back in 2012 lol

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    12. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      Doesn't excite me, video game movies suck. Hopefully it proves me wrong. I actually think the way that Johnny Cage has been portrayed in the last two games has been great.
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    13. RothVI
      A first time director working on a movie that needs good fight scenes and visual effects to work is a little worrying. Having Kabal might mean they're going to include MK3 stuff? I guess we'll see.
    14. Marlow
      An MK movie? Sounds terrible. I hope they make it.
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    15. Marinjuana
      First MK movie is a fucking great movie.

      Honestly I feel like an MK movie would be easy money these days, they just have to have to be willing to take the risk with a good budget
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    16. HellblazerHawkman
      To be fair, we don’t know his work outside of Hollywood. And sometimes a new guy is a better pick, he doesn’t have expectations to live up to and can just do his thing

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    17. NSR
      yes, and MK Annihilation also exists.

      (and people who unironically like MK Annihilation boggle my mind. The film has barely a coherent plot, no character development, shoves so many chars in and does fuck all with them, the special effects even comparing to the badly dated CGI of the first film are ATROCIOUS, the fight scenes are like people jumping on invisible trampolines, to say nothing of character inaccuracies, questionable performances, and just dumb shit all around. Hell even ironically liking it is a bit odd to me. It's incredibly repetitive and really really dull. You get a chuckle out here and there out of the CGI and the fight scenes but everything else is horrible)
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    18. pure.Wasted
      My point was not that every game>film translation works, but that they have worked, and MK is one of the best examples. So while some amount of caution and cynicism will always be appropriate, writing the movie off when we still know nothing about it is silly.
    19. Sablicious
      Silent Hill (2009) -- 8.5/10
      Mortal Kombat (1995) -- 6.5/10
      ...the rest.
      (*non-genre or video game adaptation specific ratings)

      As such, unless it's a straight-torrent, Street Fighter: The Movie level schlock, it seems like a no-brainer to reboot the franchise on the big screen. I mean, it's not like there are a slew of vidya-to-celluloid cross-pollinations clogging up screens... And with how they've butchered the likes of the Star Wars franchise in recent years, and keep unashamedly whoring the brain mulching, CGI capeshit, it's not like the standards for what is acceptable are that high nowadays...

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    20. undergroundvgt
      tekken ,dragon ball z, mortal kombat 2, and street fighter movie all sucked ASSSSS!!!! what made mortal kombat 1 the best because it was authentic to the game the story was great and structure well and the graphics was top notch. liu kang has always been my character of choice and him doing his bicycle kick was amazing!! mortal kombat 2 liu was confused and all over the place it was a hot mess!!! not to mention those shitty animalities!!! hopefully the new one captures the essense of the first one!! who would be the main character this time? only time would tell
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    21. Pterodactyl
      That movie fucking sucked.

      I love it, we all love it, but it was not a good movie.

      Like analyze it devoid of nostalgia.

      It just.. wasn’t.
    22. Invincible Salads
      Invincible Salads
      the silent hill movie and mk movie are not good movies...they're just not god awful hot garbage like a lot of other game movies.
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    23. pure.Wasted
      In what universe do you live in? Because I live in a universe where atrocious superhero movies are what has passed for good or even great blockbusters for about a decade. And I can count the number of Marvel movies that I think are better films than MK1 on the fingers of one hand. It's a short list.

      It's a movie with great physical action that stands the test of time, an intriguing world, beautiful locations, memorable performances, and a lot of funny dialogue. The third act doesn't devolve into a CGI mess of some alien invasion of New York. In 2019, that is a fucking decent ass movie.

      I didn't even say it was good, I said it was decent.
      Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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    24. Error404
      Awesome news.Can't wait to see what comes of it.

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