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Unlocked Black Canary abilities


I've unlocked atleast five abilities so far

Air Canary Cry
Sonic grenades
Command grab cry
Screech ( ex Canary cry)
Vertical kick

I've equipped her with the vertical kick just so that I have some variety in her attacks and it has range and decent anti air properties. ( reminds me of chun-li's alpha rising bird kick when ex'ed). only problem is that she can't follow up after using it normally, the move seems to have a long active time so you're paralyzed after launching them.

Screech I also equipped thought it would be useful in times of emergencies with one bar on hand.

Air Canary cry is OK but didn't think it contributed much to her game, but it's a good reserve to have.

Wasn't a fan of the command grab it seems to have wonky range and doesn't connect in combos.

Sonic grenades I haven't been able to find any use for these as they replace her superior Canary Cry.

I think she needs more kick attacks that add more variety to her game.
The Rising Kick is really pretty. I love ending combos with 33DF2. It looks like she's switching stances. It does good damage when meter-burned and is easier to combo than DF3U.

However..... it is NOT a good AA. And it's not a good wakeup move either. I don't think it has ANY invincibility frames. You MIGHT get it to trade with a jump-in if you're lucky and the leg is already out. But really, her D2 is better. And it's not that good either.

My problem with the command grab is her throw range is SO SMALL. She doesn't take a step forward or nothing. You can tick it off of some stuff like 11/2U/d1 on block. You can also combo it off of 33 if you're close enough because 33 moves her forward. If close enough, she can catch an opponent in the air and it'll look like a restand. But you can't do anything else after it. The grab can't be meterburned or followed up after. No matter what level of Cry you're at, the damage will always be the same.