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Unlock all Mobile Stuff on your Game for free!


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
Hi there...

I only tested this on PC.. but it worked.. it may work on consoles...

Credit to karalycos for finding this.

Thanks Roamin for this quick guide:
What you are supposed to do is Go to :

Ranked Player vs Player
Scroll down to rank #24 (he might move eventually) player name : Aerogrunt
click to view his kombat history
Once viewed return to main title menu and wait a few seconds.
Most mobile unlocks will be added to your profile.

I can confirm this works 100% on the PC version of the game.

The guy may move from slot 24... his name is "Aerogrunt" just check it out. Also you may get asked to change factions if you are not "The Brotherhood of Shadow". I was so I can not confirm but I am told you do not have to switch.

It took about 2 mins of sitting on the menu before all the items unlocked.

** EDIT **

PC = AeroGrunt
Xbone = Inspired Fame
PS4 = GrumpySenpai
PS4 (EU) = SivasSouljah
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Great! Got farmer Jax, Klassic Kitana and Injustice Scorps plus hella borders and icons.
now if someone on PC has Klassic Mileena that we can leech from that'd be dope :D


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i got it working on my pc version, but since i have the European ps4 version, Aerogrunt does not exist on our leaderboards.


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Oooohhhh so this is why I unlocked Klassic kitana out of NOWHERE when i viewed somebodys kombat history online....I was like wtf??? Then I was like OK!


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Who's profile do I view to unlock all the mobile stuff for this to work on Xbox One?
Dude named Inspired Fame

number 5 right now, got me the Injustice scorp skin, I had all the other ones already so I'm not sure if he will unlock them for you,

And I don't even think you can unlock Mileena yet in the mobile game, not sure though.


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some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
There are no challenge towers on the mobile yet so no one has that skin.,


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Yeah I don't think Mileena Klassic is available. I've tried with no results. I really wanted that skin. Oh well, I got everything else besides the revenant skins.


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
I have edited the OP with the names for the other platforms...

PC = AeroGrunt
Xbone = Inspired Fame
PS4 = GrumpySenpai

And if someone wants to actually you know, play with me instead of using me just to get the skins then feel free to add me.
Are you in Australia.. otherwise we can't :(
if the mobile app want complete bullshit, i would not have tried this exploit out, as it stands, the app is complete bullshit and runs like arse on my phone and takes ages to load each fight, so im glad this worked and i got dem skins.

hell the mime skin doesnt even unlock properly when u sign in the app, so doing this just fixes whats already broken as fuk XD