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Universe 6 Assassin Combos

This is fullscreen confirm if you don't want to spend meter for the teleport. Also works with Goku+Tien assist (its easier IMO)


1. Tien + Goku (srry, accidentally deleted the video for this so wrote notation for it instead)
  • M Stance > L > Call Goku during 2nd L > During 3rd L, opponent should get hit by goku assist as the 3rd L knocks them down > Call Tien as Goku assist hits > SD > do your air combo

Combo off of a teleport kick



When's DragonBall?
These are my solo combos so far with Hit. Notations are included as always, no assists to leave room for experiments with your own personal teams and the Super Meter on BnB's is at 1 to show meter gain/usage. Hope this helps anyone who's been looking for more combos with notations, etc or maybe helps spark an idea for something new. Have fun!