Understanding Hit Advantage in MK9

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    I'd like to clear up some misconceptions about the way that hit advantage and "frame traps" are designed in this game. This will come as extremely old news for a lot of people. However, I've noticed sooo many people that don't understand just how useful hit advantage is, so I wanted to explain it right here.

    Every character in the game has some inescapable frame traps. What I mean by that is, every character can get a guaranteed block string after hitting their opponent with certain attacks. To determine what is truly guaranteed, you have to look at your attack's hit advantage. Take Sub Zero for instance:
    His b121 is +24 on hit. That means that any follow up attack under 25 frames must be blocked. Any attack that takes longer than 25 frames can be escaped with armor, parries, etc. The same idea can be applied to any character in the game.

    All throws in this game are 10 frames. That means that any attacks with over +10 hit advantage allow you to follow up with a guaranteed throw attempt. That's right, the throw can't even be avoided by crouching. However, if you try to throw too early your throw will whiff so it takes practice to learn the proper timing. For video evidence see here:
    Understanding Hit Advantage: Guaranteed throw attempts

    That is one of the reasons that throws are so good in this game.

    Frame advantage after a knockdown is very similar. Lets look at Reptile this time:
    Elbow dash is +42 on hit (assuming the opponent tech rolls). That means you have 42 frames to do whatever you want before the opponent can wakeup.

    If your opponent doesn't wakeup or stay grounded, you will still be at so much advantage when they get up that they won't be able to jump, duck, poke, etc to escape some of your follow up attacks. For video evidence see here:
    Understanding Hit Advantage: Follow Ups After A Knockdown

    I know that this is all common knowledge for most people, but I hope it clears things up for some of you.

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