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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by ZAQ, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. cedenike

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    death jr-would love to play this on ps3
    castle crashers-was thrilled when this came out for ps3, i hate xbox controllers, annoyingly the only people i know who played got bored of it pretty quick
  2. rev0lver

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    Lost Planet's multiplayer. Still my favorite multiplayer shooter on consoles.
  3. DragonPick

    DragonPick I don't play Runescape

    Anyway, these next three games are in my top five of favorite PS2 games for differing reasons. I simply love them to death.

    Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

    It gets a lot of hate for being very glitchy and unfinished. But hot freaking damn if it didn't have one of the best hip hop centric soundtracks for a video game, especially for its time. The mix of action and stealth is amazing and really fun, and the little details to the game make it all the more fun. The fighting system is simple and fun and the game is quite a challenge without being too insane. The art style feels unique and the story is certainly grasping. The characters grow in an interesting way and it's all around freaking fun.

    Beyond Good and Evil

    Poor game. It came out around the same time as a Halo game and stood no chance. However it was brilliant for its time, again a really good mix of stealth and action, but this time focusing more on stealth. It was filled with a large amount of detail and wanted you to really feel a part of the world it created, which was small but really cool to explore. It had a plethora of creatures and characters (which were all important to the gameplay) and some pretty challenging puzzles, coupled with some great story telling and some sweet action scenes. Again great characters and overall fun game.

    Dark Cloud

    The first RPG I've ever beaten and damn if it wasn't hard. It's a really old game that finds a way to stay timeless with a pretty cool RPG system and some pretty explosive if not cheesy characters. The gameplay is heavily based on action and basic dungeon crawling/RPG elements. Though that gets boring after a while, especially the constant grinding, the real fun comes in creating your weapons and buffing them to become super powered omni swords and guns that take everyone in the game 9-1. The story is pretty corny and aged, but the characters carry it well enough.

    I love all three of these games a lot, still bust them out and go through a couple parts every once in a while



    ROEBOTRON "Only One Truth Prevails"

    Dark Cloud was great.
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  5. Flagg

    Flagg Noob

    This a screen shot from probably my favourite games ever, Dawn of War (and the subsequent expansion packs that followed):

    Chaos Beserkers rushing an Imperial guard base. This game was miles better than anything like Star Craft in my opinion, but only had a small following. The sync kills were enough to keep even the most blood thirsty of MK fans here satisfied. So technical as well, loved the strategy element to this game.
  6. Albo

    Albo Noob

    Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. One of the more less acclaimed and less praised games of the series but i loved it. I would say it's underrated and overlooked by the majority but i can understand why some feel the way they do about it.
  7. ForeverKing

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    I played a demo for this when I was really little, like 10 years ago. It kind of reminded me of pokemon in a way, how you can catch monsters in the wild and battle them. Except you can merge your monsters together lol. I use to play the demo over and over and merge the monsters in different ways, one time I caught every single monster in the whole demo and merged them all together into one powerful monster just for fun. I thought this game was like really awesome, I've always wanted to play the real game instead of the demo. But I never found a copy anywhere
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  8. Juggs

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    Yeah it's really hard to find. I have like 4 copies and 3 of them don't work because I played it so much it got scratched up. The one that works I treat like a historic artifact, lol. It's such an amazing game, I play it from time to time and have as much fun as the first time I played it. I recommend if you can find it to pay whatever you can to get it.
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  9. Phosferrax

    Phosferrax Original Liu Kang cop.

    Red Faction: Guerrilla. One of the most fun multiplayer's I've ever played. Shitty DLC, though.

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