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    I'm out of space for cheats and may not to add anything else.
    This situation is CLASSIC balance. Like i said, i'm implementing new, modern balance. Robots can't do this in this profile too but this doesn't means they will lose (except Cyrax who obviously is low tier ).
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    Well, Jade Kitana and Mileena can do all combos from air hit, even to each other. Cyborgs can't do HP-based combos on them, so does Kung-Lao. And NIghtwolf can't do any of HP-based or HK-LK-based combo on them at all. This doesn't feels like balance, it feels like Sprite positioning bug after first initial air hit. Bug that noone ever bother to fix.

    i guess i will continue not to play mk2 females, because it feels like cheating.
  3. you can play tournament edition to have this
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    This isn't a bug, this is just hitboxes and hurtboxes combination. All characters have different hurtboxes by design. A very big amount of roster have to change their combos depending of opponent. Like you can with nightwolf do 4 axes combo plus additional punch hit to Jax while you can hardly do only 2 axes on sheeva. I don't know why do you care only for this small example, because everything in this game
    is depends on hitboxes / hurtboxes combinations.
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    If you play as Jade, against someone who can't perform combos from air, in this moment you can really hurt your opponent with 40% combo in return. Inability of certain characters to perform 'from air' combos gives, atleast, Jade a huge advantage. Even possibility to trick your opponent into such situation.

    As for Tournament Edition, me and my brother been using it. But we really miss Brutality and some of MKT moves on certain characters. Plus we rather see Rain present in game, other than Noob Saibot :)
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    what if you could have both? ;)

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    1) The TRILOGY profile for Classic Sub-Zero was updated in accordance with N64 MKT. He recieved the Ice Shower and the Ice Clone. Unmasked Sub-Zero was updated according to MK3 in the same profile - his Ice Clone does not have any distance restrictions and freezes through block.
    2) Framedata for Rain RH in combo on block was changed due players requests. N64 framedata isn't fit here.
    3) Minor bug with game halt in supreme demonstration was fixed.
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    A minor update.
    1) Rain's blocked RH in combo now has longer pushback.
    2) Custom random algorithm was changed to a new one. The result is that it selects characters more evenly.
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