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  1. Sure you can. You'd have to build a special version of MAME to use the other GFX banks. I already have this working for UMK3+...

    There's not too much free space on the original banks. I believe 113-110 had the most, but still wasn't much.[​IMG]

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  2. nwo

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    @KOHR has a custom MAME 0.200 build from a couple months ago that should have additional space, I don't know if he's tested it yet though.
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  3. speed

    speed SpeedMK

    Amazing work guys!
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  4. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    The goal should be to get all MKII graphics and sounds on the UMK3 board and see if they can be accessed in some way, and then see if there's a shot at MK1 or if that would have to be custom.
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  5. mkholic

    mkholic Noob

    so we can have a recent mame build with the kaillera support? this would be like the best thing ever
  6. KOHR

    KOHR Noob

    @mkholic, no. I didn't touch this because it's regular mame.
  7. mkholic

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    dam my nipples got so hard for a moment there
  8. nwo

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    Once the source code is changed it will no longer be compatible with the Feb 21, 2018 build (that is pretty popular now). Maybe in 2019 there will be a new version, there's other fixes that need to be made also.

    and I guess there needs to be a new version released before we can confirm the changes even work...

    In Russia the community is organized and they have an auto updater, so if a bug is discovered they can pretty much issue a new version instantly and everyone will download it. The rest of the world and the USA are not organized and this would be a huge pain in the ass. Then we have a bunch of versions of Mame that aren't compatible online, and there's already too many different versions for some people.
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  9. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus REVISION 1.3

    Sound space is very limited already on umk3. Getting mk2 gfx in shouldn't be a problem now :)
  10. Shock

    Shock Administrator

    are the rom slots for the 4 remaining sound chips different than the 4 being used?
  11. Mgo

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    That one looks cute to me
  12. KOHR

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    The rom and the emulator pack have been updated.
    command.dat file with characters moves was included, which are accessible by pressing tab -> game documents -> show command list. All unique UC moves (like brutalities and other) were included in the list.

    New cheats menu has been built. It is accessible with test menu (F2 by default). Alongside regular cheats you can find there a N64 option - "show collision boxes". In addition to this, an in-game menu was added. To reach it, press and hold start for both players. if you're playing vs cpu, press and hold START for your player first or else you will enable vs player mode. At this moment, there are only options to kill player 1 or 2.

    Scorpion fatality 2 was fixed (it rebooted the game if performed in "The Subway").

    Palette selector has many fixes. From now it should deny same palettes in any possible circumstances. It also works with the hidden select now.

    Balance profile "UC TOURNAMENT" intended to be only online so from now it doesn't works with "hardware compatibility" mode and it locks vs counters to be preserved after losing.
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