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  1. KOHR

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    Latest version: 2019.03.24

    I have started new UMK3 hack.

    I will be very appreciated if someone from native english speakers can help me to fix grammatical errors in first post of this thread.

    If someone has a code signing certificate and could help me sign my executables then I can make an auto updater for the community to use. The current auto updater isn't signed and might be blocked by antivirus software.

    [1]. Installation.
    You can download archive with patches and instructions here.

    Additional: MKAK backdrop for MAME. Move this into "artwork" folder and rename according to rom name (e.g. You may enable it in game by pressing tab - video options - MKAK backdrop.

    [2]. Already added features:
    Instead of making "hard" balance changes like TE rom, i introduce new profiles system. This rom has several profiles, including classic. You might change profile with test menu if player 1 presses F2.

    Classic profile
    Modern profile
    MK Trilogy profile
    UC Tournament profile

    No glitch jabs profile
    Main changes.
    Major bugs fixed.
    Fixed in all profiles.
    Detailed description of Modern profile patches.
    Minor changes
    [3]. For developers.
    Sources of my rom are open. If you use any part of it from the text files or from the disassembled code then you have to:
    • Keep the fact of my authorship.
    • Open all parts of sources in your code which depends on my.
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  2. KOHR

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    Bugfix release. Partially disabled (12) due problems. In future fix this or fully remove this patch.
    Minor redisign installer executable.
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    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    For the people who actually still play this game having 100 different versions of ROM's floating around the community is going to cause mass confusion + desyncs ect. Please make sure if you are gonna release this stuff to make it distinguishable from the rom's we use to play with now. All these "Fix" versions are going to fuck up the game and really make it confusing if people cant tell what the hell they are.

    Also @nwo mame version wont be updated any longer from what I have seen he has excommunicated every person in the entire umk3 community. I believe he is out of the game permanently

    STORMS Owner / Director

    @nwo was just active Saturday..?
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    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Active on the site, and active on the GAME is 2 diffrent things.

    The dude went Apeshit last year on EVERYONE, probably my fault cause you know its all my fault.
    Me and @Drakonian babied the dude 2 times and he defriended literley 50 people cause of it.

    Me, Drak, @Dank_Sinatra @tehdrewsus @NoDoubt @MissSpin aka Motoro Husky aka John Vargas, @ddy, Juggs, the entire community got defriended.

    Its easier to say who he didnt defriend, I think @dubson is the chosen one LOL

    @STORMS my dude if you played umk3 you probably would have caught a defriending as well.

    I personally miss the playing the dude and so does everyone else, but ya know just cause I believe the earf is round I guess me and @TehWO aint compatible no more.
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  6. dubson

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    yeah it's not true, he didn't unfriend everyone and he just asked me to play Saturday night

    and he isn't done with umk3 or working on mame versions either
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  7. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    I haven't spoken to the dude in a year, haven't played him in over a year. Still trying to figure it out.

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Ok let me rephrase, he defriended the MAJORITY of the community.
  9. KOHR

    KOHR Noob

    You know about that
    but ask me to do
    I'm romhacker, not c++ programmer.
  10. mkholic

    mkholic Noob

    dat "the earth is flat" joke's gotten old, gotta come up with something new to really rustle nwo's jimmies
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    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    The players don't need 100+ custom made ROM's floating around so nobody can play each other because of desyncs, this is why I chimed in.

    Salty ass dudes trying to screw with the ROM's cause they get crushed and want their own versions of the game, we have no clue what the hell people have changed in these ROMS, so all I am asking is if your going to release a hacked version of the game, please make it easily identifiable to everyone else not to pollute the community with a bunch of hacked up shit.

    We got a 500+ Active member FB UMK3 group out of respect for Storm site, not gonna link, but the general feeling for all these hackjob roms and emulators is this picture (Posted with permission from group)

    Mr Base, aka Sazon Sheeva.

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  12. nwo

    nwo Noob

    I don't think the flat earth jokes are old dude LOL.

  13. mkholic

    mkholic Noob

    i'm guessing if it coulda been easily done it woulda already
  14. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    I worked on it on and off for a few months before I made any real progress besides simple little text changes.
  15. NSR

    NSR Also known as Futuretime23

    Dude, in this hack there are no gameplay balance changes so what the hell are you blabbering on about "Salty ass dudes trying to screw with the ROM's cause they get crushed and want their own versions of the game"? Let people hack the fucking game and do what they want, jesus. You don't see 9 million UMK3 hacks a year either, so I'm not sure what you mean with polluting either. Yeah, I agree there should be some way to easily identify but just change the intro screen to point this out and that should be enough (at least in theory)

    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Do you even play ultimate ? Are you part of the Community. Just asking because never seen u playing before. Or are you a "Forum Fighter" like @mkholic

    Im not gonna go full @Juggs on you and write a book, but let me keep it real simple.

    If there are a bunch of hacked roms that nobody can tell apart, when 2 people play on MAME, the game will constantly desync if both people don't have the same exact version of the game.
    For the avg player mame can be very complicated let alone with hacked roms that appear to be the same on the surface, but have changes to them causing issues.

    I do not care what anyone does with their version of the ROM's, but don't flood the community with a ton of hacked ROM's and diffrent versions of the emulator causing problems for the real people who play UMK3 like in game play, not fight on a forum.

    Anyhow, if you do play UMK3 and want to fight off the forum, LOL Let me know I know a few real players who would love to play with the new dude lol.

    Sazon Sheeva
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  17. mkholic

    mkholic Noob

    were u spitting out nonsense like that when juggs hack surfaced?
    the hack is being made for a community that have people playing umk on mame almost exclusively for its entire existence so said people aren't having any problems and switching to the new version is going smooth for them so far
    they aren't rioting and getting desynced to death like u'd imagine
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    MRIGOTBASS SKYPE: igotbass

    Yea the Juggernaut hack actually SAYS JUGGERNAUT HACK on load screen smart guy.

    Nobody has ever heard of or played with you, you dont exist to us brother believe me, ive asked everyone who the fuck you are and nobody even knows or even has played with you. You are just a user on a text forum.

    We are the real players, we play the game, and not on a forum.

    I am done on the subject, OP if you release roms please make them distinguishable from what the ENTIRE community uses now.


    Swalla Back
  19. mkholic

    mkholic Noob

    u mean like this one?
    i'm not posting here for u to get to know me u got it all wrong
    hop on kaillera and u'll see that umk is being played on different emus and in different flavours so your "ENTIRE community" is just words
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  20. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    @nwo did a great service for the community with his mame version to recognize the TE beta and Juggernaut's hack as stand alone GOOD ROMs.

    I'm keeping my hack under wraps for now for exactly what @MRIGOTBASS listed as reasons. I don't want a bunch of betas and not final products floating all over the place. Revision 1.3 (as it's called now) will be something that can be considered a replacement/completion of 1.3, fixing various bugs and other laziness from original programmers. No gameplay changes involved. But I'm not trying to take away from @KOHR here. In fact I welcome collaboration, and we have been discussing this privately. The difference is he's basing off juggernaut, I'm basing off of 1.2. Elements from Juggernaut will go into mine, but at the end of the day the point is I want my revision to be an easy and viable update, needing only 2 rom chips to be replaced, as opposed to the 6 (revision roms plus graphics roms) that juggernaut requires, for each arcade machine should it happen.
    @YourMKArcadeSource is that accurate? 2 roms is easier than 6 I imagine :)
  21. mkholic

    mkholic Noob

    I don't get it why to focus on it running on the real hardware. How many of the ENTIRE community own the pcb and know how to flash roms?
  22. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    It'll run mame no problem. Making it PCB friendly is a bonus. I don't see the rub.
  23. mkholic

    mkholic Noob

    nothing wrong with it, i just had to know if there is more
  24. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    Gotcha. @YourMKArcadeSource can flash, I have personally played on 3 machines that he has supplied with jugg roms
  25. NSR

    NSR Also known as Futuretime23

    Dude, fucking CHILL. No, I'm not currently playing UMK3. Second, I'll admit I'm speaking my mind from a MODDER'S perspective, which you seem to lack. Stifling creativity is NEVER the way to go. Third, yes I'm aware of the desync issue, but as I've stated before, just changing the startup screen should be more than enough.

    Fourth and lastly (which goes back to the chill part) while your concerns may be legit, notice the fact that you don't see 900000 hacks of UMK3 anywhere. Compared to something like say the MM series or so, UMK3 isn't being hacked every day or so. What you describe is a hypothetical situation and from the looks of it, it doesn't seem like it's gonna happen soon or if ever. }As I've stated before, just changing the startup screen should suffice or additional data like the CMOS screen. Hell, just compare roms with HxD and don't fucking tell me that's hard. It's downright easy to do so. Even a newbie could do it. Again, while I agree on making mods distinguishable, you came across to me as being downright panicking and/or scared. It's just a mod bro, chill the fuck out. If there were 50 mods for UMK3 being released every day, then yeah I could see where you are coming from, but news flash, UMK3 isn't that fucking modded and I seriously doubt it will be.
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