UMK3 Team Edition v2.0 BETA changes

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  1. nwo

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    If everything goes as planned we could be testing a BETA sometime this month. It'll require a
    'temporary' MAME 0.119 build (with a new compile date), until any bugs are found and fixed.

    Most of the rom changes are from @KOHR's Ultimate Cup Edition, so I wanted to say thanks to him. He is a great rom hacker.

    None of these changes are in stone yet.

    UMK3 Team Edition v2.0 BETA changes:

    - Replace 8 Player Tournament with 6 Player 3 on 3 Kombat, which can be played 1v1 or with 6 human players.

    - For 5 Player games, 8 Player Tournament becomes 5 Player 2 on 3 Kombat.

    - Add backgrounds: The Bank, Goro's Lair, and Star Bridge (preferably The Pit 2) from the Ultimate Cup rom.

    - If KOHR adds any other MK2 backgrounds before Team Edition v2.0 and the new MAME are finished, include them also. If I could prioritize one it would be The Deadpool, but this background might be more challenging than others and could take more time. The MK1 backgrounds look too outdated and I don't think they should be included.

    - Add the stage selection menu from the Ultimate Cup rom at the character selection screen. In 4-6 player games, only the first player on each team can enable this menu (by pressing Up+Start on Sonya).

    - Add the ability to toggle explosive kombat at the character selection screen (by pressing Up+Start on Nightwolf).

    - Remember the wins count for each player or team in 3 player KOTH and 6 player 2 on 2 KOTH.

    - Add borders around the h.Smoke and Noob Saibot avatars at the character selection screen.

    - Give Shang Tsung the ability to morph into h.Smoke and Robot Smoke.

    - In 4 player Team Kombat, give the losing team the ability to change player order on their team at the Kombat Selection screen, by pressing Up+Block (a message will be displayed in MAME also).

    - In 6 player 3 on 3 Kombat, give the losing team the ability to rotate player order at the Kombat Selection screen, by pressing Up+Block (a message will be displayed in MAME also).

    - Include Brutalities from the Ultimate Cup rom.

    *Fix bug: if the game is reset (with 4-6 players) in round 2 or round 3 and the controls are 1v3, the player names and control switching will be broken for 1 full fight afterwards.

    *Fix bug: sometimes player names will appear while a player is playing vs the CPU if both players have pressed start, but the game only registered that one player has pressed start.

    *With 6 Players, whichever mode of play is selected in the first game (2 on 2, or 3 on 3) the other mode of play will be disabled for the rest of the time or until the game is reset. To prevent the wrong mode of play from being selected by accident.

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  2. Biggs


    Are you going to make the source of the new MAME available?
  3. nwo

    nwo Noob

    Why would I do that?

    Mame is already open source. Just not the version I've been working on for years and trying to improve.

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  5. Biggs


    Could you explain to me how that is so? The original MAME32++ v0.119 source on the Kaillera website was published under the MAME license.

    The 2nd * in the MAME license says:

    Redistribution and use of this code or any derivative works are permitted
    provided that the following conditions are met:

    * Redistributions that are modified from the original source must include the
    complete source code, including the source code for all components used by a
    binary built from the modified sources. However, as a special exception, the
    source code distributed need not include anything that is normally distributed
    (in either source or binary form) with the major components (compiler, kernel,
    and so on) of the operating system on which the executable runs, unless that
    component itself accompanies the executable.

    How is it that you do not have to abide by this? I'm genuinely curious.
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  6. nwo

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    Where is it being redistributed? Privately? I'm not making a penny on this.

    I have a bunch of custom Mame builds bro, are you telling me it's illegal to have custom Mame builds if I choose to not give away my source? Don't use it then.

    Downloading and playing the rom is illegal, if you don't own the original hardware.
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  8. tehdrewsus

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    Guess I'm good.
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  9. Biggs


    From what I understand. It is actually still illegal to download roms from the internet even if you own the original copy. It is only legal to have additional copies if you rip them yourself.

    If we just needed to purchase a legal copy of the roms, then we would all be fine. Pretty much everyone owns them from the arcade collection. I've bought MKAK on PC XBL and PSN. Legal hardware or not does not matter. At least according to Nintendo's legal team.

    The whole owning original copies of roms on original hardware or through license has never been used as precedent legally. Some people believe it constitutes fair use, but it has never been tested yet in a court.
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  10. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    Doesn't MAME has a 40 some gb collection of ROMs that was given a DMCA exemption, and listed on

    I don't think Nintendo has set the precedent. MAMEDEV would have but shut down years ago if this was the case.

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    Per the EULA you must keep it open source, if you refuse that means you are trying to hide something. This is really a first for TYM as up until now it was just ROMs with the hacks, but esp now that modified emulators are being introduced with the refusal of open source, i feel that either the source is revealed or keep this potential malware product off this site as its security cannot be verified by a third party.

    I will only be using UMK3+ version that doesnt require exposure to potential foriegn malware and will run on OEM mame 119 build.
  12. Biggs


    "What about the free ROMs on the MAME site? Can I use those with my product?
    A. Almost all of the free ROMs on the MAME site are licensed only for non- commercial use, and only for distribution from the MAME site. Just because they are available for "free" here does not grant further redistribution rights, nor does it allow you to treat them as "freebies" for commercial use."
  13. nwo

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    @tehdrewsus This 2019 Mame 119 build will likely be the last one, do you want your game added?
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  14. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus UMK3+

    I would actually. But we are still about 6 weeks out from a public release
  15. nwo

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    We'll probably be testing the Team Edition v2.0 beta for a month, so 6 weeks doesn't matter.
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  16. nwo

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    Here's a test from yesterday, 5 player 2 on 3 Kombat.

    We did end up finding a bug with the controls and 6 player 3v3 was also buggy. We're probably going to be doing more testing tonight @Shock.

    EDIT: I dont want to triple post. Here's the 6 player test, we found a bug with the controls at the continue screen after the 3rd fight, then we played 9 more fights afterwards without a problem. It will be fixed soon.

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