UMK3 - Some Tactics

Discussion in 'Advanced Gameplay Topics' started by Mgo, Oct 15, 2012.

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    This is a video of some of my personal highlights taken of footage matches that I had in my pc since years, examples here could be useful for use in VS matches on similar situations.

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    Good shit glad to see people showing love for some UMK!!!
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  3. Van Halen Goes Great with UMK3!

    cool vid MGO
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  4. VGGs dude i gotta get back into kaillera sometime. LOL @ rolltide you sent me a bunch of hatemail the other day when i whooped u! hahaaahhahaha. That is, if you're the same rolltide.

    No need to get angry and ragequit when you lose, keep playing. You level up by playing against people who are more skillful than you, it's what makes you a stronger player learning to fight against higher level tactics.
  5. ^ wasn't me dude, ask anybody on here, they will tell you I don't rage quit and send hate mail.

    besides the only game I've been playing is Tekken Tag 2 and nothing else for the last several weeks.
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  7. tehdrewsus


    5:40 you obviously weren't playing MKAK lol Noob Saibot :) Good stuff though.

    I'm growing to love Human Smoke's double jump kick/air throw in the corner vs big characters and robot ninjas. Am finally starting to get AAHP AAHP jump kick air throw on Jax and U.Sub.

    My best advice currently is while applying run jab pressure against a teleporter, don't get over zealous. Get some pressure on, then kara jab without running in, even walk back a little. Usually leads to a blocked teleport/punish opportunity. If you're a teleporter, know your teleport distance to the pixel. Using it to evade and then apply pressure is great, but a good player can scout it 9 times out of 10.

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