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UMK3 Revision 1.3 Public Beta is HERE!!

Here's the video:

Within the video description is the download link.

Here's the changes for the first public beta:
UMK3 Revision 1.3 Public Beta Change Log

This revision focuses mainly on visual fixes but there are additional changes that make sense to the game.


Win count does not reset in 2 player mode unless machine is reset. Win count only resets when a 2nd player enters game during arcade ladder, game reset, or game over.

Human Smoke and Noob Saibot no longer stage locked. Other hidden characters no longer stage locked (would previously stage lock if MAME cheat is applied to access them).

Stage Rotation updated to no longer force UMK3 stages to cycle twice, moves MK3 stages to front. No longer causes MK3 stage loop between Soul Chamber, Balcony, and The Bridge. Duplicate Bank/Desert removed.

Human Smoke and Noob Saibot selectable on screen - currently using Dragon icons used for hidden characters.


At the "Midway Presents" Screen, the bell toll sound clip has been changed.

On the character select screen, when another player presses start, the player entry sound clip has changed.

At the "Choose your destiny" screen, the response from Shao Kahn has changed for each. This is to address the lack of change from MK3.

The initial Fatality sound clip has changed - it is now the same as the Vs. screen sound clip, which sounds more like the MK2 fatality sound clip.

Scorpion and Human Smoke's "Get Over/Come Here" sound clip is no longer cut off by blood spatter. This also causes special moves such as Kitana's Fan, Kung Lao's Hat, and Stryker's Riot Gun to no longer have blood spatter noise.


Blood spatter from normal moves does not dissipate, but does reset between rounds. Blood spatter from special moves does dissipate, but stays on the floor for longer than previous.

Character Select Screen background changed to Red Portal background

Fighers appear lower to "ground" on character select screen

Fighters appear in front of Human Smoke/Noob Saibot select portraits in 1v1 now as well as 2v2, although cursor is still in front.

The Desert stage background layers have moved slightly right. On LCD monitors and MAME the stage sky area cuts off, and in the corner the sand dunes are broken. This corrects this issue. However this will not affect arcade cabinets as the edgres of the screen aren't seen.

4. Character/Palette Updates


Now fought on Rooftop stage. Reflects MK9 :)


Green Blood restored!
Now fought on The Bridge stage to resemble MK9.


P2 Sektor can now fire dumb missile while homing missile is out.
Sektor now has his own ghost palette during Kabal's Mask removal fatality (previously shared with robot smoke)


Multiple Ground Pound ability removed.
P2 Jax may now charge LK and use dash punch.


No longer stage locked to Noob's Dorfen. Can now be finished.


P2 Vs. screen outfit palette created to match P2 fighter palette in mirror match.


p2 Vs. Screen outfit palette changed to match P2 fighter palette in mirror match


P1 Vs Screen outfit palette changed. Matches fighter palette for P1. In mirror match original P1 outfit is now P2 outfit as P2 outfit previously did not exist - better matches P2 fighter palette in mirror match.


Babality palette fixed. Now matches fighter palette.
Has sparks during FINISH HIM! That Cyrax and Sektor previously only had.


Decapitation/Dismemberment palette fixed. Now matches fighter outfit.


ERMAC NOW HAS A BABALITY!! - Input Down, Down, Down, Run.

Decapitation/Dismemberment palette fixed. Skin tone now matches fighter.


All male ninjas now have their own ghost palette for Kabal's Mask removal fatality. Previously all used Scorpion's ghost palette.


All female ninjas now have their own ghost palette for Kabal's Mask removal fatality. Previously all used Kitana's ghost palette.


Shao Kahn now says "FROSTY" after Ice Breath fatality.

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great nice work guys has multiple high punches been removed ala umk3 te or i can add multiple high punches to combos ???
Aside from bugs where player one could perform certain inputs that player two could not, no changes to gameplay have been made

John Grizzly

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I'm really sorry to ask this, but how do I play this? I've literally never played a game on PC but I'm dying to try this. Again, really sorry for such a dumb question. I'm assuming it's common knowledge. Just not familiar with what a .bin file is.
you need to download mame which is an emulator you can dowwnload it from many sites then you download the rom and then download or see a mame tutorial and thats thats it search on google if you feel lost in stranslation


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
Haha that's awesome so Sektor is like UMK3 Sektor with the missiles, that's awesome. That's awesome how people can do this stuff.
You have to download the roms that are in the link in the youtube video, then you have to take the .bin files out of there and copy them into the UMK3.ZIP file in your roms folder in mame.


Original OBS mbr/VSM/G4S
Godbless fixing jax on 2nd player!!!! Can't believe this was never fixed on the original release of UMK or at least console HD versions!!!
Here's a torture test video, kind of neat. Also link in description to download 1.01, which fixes some blood issues (see video), and shang morph/hidden character issues.



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Very cool! Man I don't think People know how much I love umk3!

Game is delicious!
Beta version 2 is on it's way very soon!

Wow, there's a lot going on here... how many different colors of blood do you see?