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    What is it called when u jump over someone and they just throw u regardless of you trying to cross-up throw them, or combo/jab? Marvirrasta is probably the only player I see always doing this its just one of the few things I cant figure out lol since I always assumed the person crossing over had a slight frame advantage to throw or link a combo.

    You see Marv doin this at 4:03 here

    It can be a pain cuz unless you link a punch while your in the air to link a cross up combo, you'll get auto-thrown no matter what.
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    it looks like Marv just beat him to it to me. But sometmes I get caught to and its usually because my opponent is holding back to throw defend and im not, so I eat the throw.
    I think throws take priority over jabs. When I watch AC1984 jab he always throws his stick in back while the jabs are actually coming out to throw defend. He only puts the stick in foward when hes actually moving. 9 times out of 10 if we both try to jab each other at the same time AC will get the throw because he throw defends while hes jabbing and I dont.
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    it is my uber recommendation to use these pads with any converter you get (either PS=> 360 or PS=> PC/PS3):


    no stupid analog sticks, etc. I am trying to make these the official pads for offline MK, as these are the ones we are hooking up to my UMk3 cab too, and hopefully Storm's cab soon, too.
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    I kind of feel the same way but reverse lol, a good Reppy player is ANNOYING with the FB zoning tactics so with Kabal you can just jump over them, JK and charge him start putting pressure on him. I've noticed IMO Reptile is very vulnerable UP close...far, he's deadly and a pain to get near sometimes unless you have a good, fast teleporter. Reptile vs. anyone far away=bad for whoever Reptile is facing IMO unless it's Sub and you trade off with a freeze or a very good Cyrax bomb zoning(it's worked well for me at times against Reptile)

    I also like the Sektor vs. Reptile match up because with two force balls on me I can get out two seekers sometimes, Rolltide and myself had great Rep/Sektor matches all the time lol. Yes lol I know it's heavily against Sektor being low and all but it's not impossible.
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    where can i get em?
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    the pads? pretty much any local Ma and Pa owned store who sells video game stuff. Online stores, all sorts of places. If you want actual links. let me know and you'll have some links :p
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    Exactly this, Arion. It happens to me a lot more often online than offline though. However, this tactic is really useful and everyone needs to use it in order to get better with their jabbing. Everytime I jab, I am holding back unless I am moving as Rob said. When you do the empty cross-up like you did, Marv is holding back and jabbing while you are not. So that gives him priority. If you hold back and jab too when you do this, neither of you will be thrown.
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    ok so if no matter wat you should hold down back while in the air and at landing to prevent being thrown autimatically upon landing on a cross up? And im assuming marv just switches directions once you hop over him, holding down back on the left side instead.

    yea i always knew about the deff/glitch jabbing which marv does mainly throughout every match but neat how its used in those instances
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    Yes, always be holding back unless you're advancing. If you watch my match vs Marv from NECXI, there's a few times where just as I was going to advance I get thrown because I wasn't holding back. If your opponent is too close just don't try to advance, just try and get out and use correct spacing so that you're not locked down with kara jabs. In some cases though, I will wait for small openings in between kara jabs and do a kara jab of my own. However, when I do so, I will run forward a little bit, but as soon as I jab I will hold back to avoid being thrown. This is risky against a character like Kabal though, since his jabs have so much priority. It's better to just try and get out and get space IMO.
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  11. you mean ... aahp, jk, air throw?
  12. Hey, guys. I'm trying to learn UMK3, and I'm starting out with Scorpion before I move onto other characters.
    My issue is that while I know the very basic uses for his special moves, I have a hard time grasping the fighting system outside of A.I. exploits and turtling. (epic fail)

    any suggestions to get me started???

    Thanks in advance!
  13. Tim Static

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    Dont bother with Scorpion. Learn Human Smoke, who is similar to Scorpion but just WORLDS better.

    Also, check out aka the UMK3 Bible!
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    Way too vague man. Also Tim is right, don't use Scorpion. Human Smoke has everything he has but on steroids, no reason to chose Scorpion over H.Smoke. As far as specials for him, learn his teleport spacing. If you can safely teleport 100% of the time by knowing the right spacing, your Smoke will be really good... and annoying. You have to learn it though and watch for tp baits. Don't even use naked spear. Will fail most of the time and it's punishable. Just use it in combos and to punish.
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  15. ah, I see. Ok, human Smoke it is. Thank you!!!
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  16. Gesture Required Ahead

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    I try to get the MKAK achievement of doing an animality but everytime I do -*hold run* DDDD *release run*- nothing happens!! HELP!

    PS: Yes I do it on the third round and yes I do it full screen distance.
  17. Konqrr

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    You have to hold run for at least 2 seconds before you release it and you are only required to tap down twice IIRC, but tapping more doesn't hurt. 1/2 screen or further away is good.
  18. Gesture Required Ahead

    Gesture Required Ahead Get on that hook

    Thanks but I figured it out myself. It turns out I was pressing D too fast. I slowed it down a little and it worked.
  19. NobilityV3

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    Don't listen to Timmy. If you are beginning UMK3 you need to start with Scorpion and work your way up, it's how I taught my friend who now mains Smoke, same goes for myself. Why can't you start with Smoke you ask? Too complicated; you'll be tempted to learn everything with Smoke in one quick sweep. Start with Scorpion, learn to counter, aahp, time your teleports, etc.

    If you need any more help message me @ Nobility.
  20. ZAQ

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    Aren't you the guy the drops constantly on XBL?
    Maybe you could give him some advice on how to quit without losing any points while he is using Scorpion vs the H.Smoke players.
  21. Question about H. you know this combo? (Sorry if my syntax is bad or there's mistakes...doing this off memory)

    HK - LP - Jump Kick - Telepunch - aaSpear - HK - Down+LP - HP - Jump Kick - Air Throw

    I swear I've seen people do this combo, only putting an aaHP before the second jump kick, and then still getting the air throw. I cannot do this. If I do the aaHP, I can connect the jump kick, but not the air throw. Am I missing something? Or are they maybe leaving out a hit somewhere in order to be able to connect it?

    Edit: It looks like this question has been addressed earlier in the thread. Sorry!
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    If I was a well known player I can probably talk my way out of this and blame it on the lag and how I don't take online seriously, but we all have bad days. I go in this thread and help someone out and offer one-on-one support yet you have audacity to mention r-quitting on MK which all of us have done at one point. I don't see anyone else here offering one-on-help besides myself. Great contribution to thread, btw.
  23. Tim Static

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    When HSmoke is available, their is no Scorpion worth learning. Period.

    Edit: Even when i did bother with MK online, I never ever rage quit on anyone, ever. Dont make excuses, or at least dont include everyone with your own reasons.
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  24. NobilityV3

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    So you edit a macro post with an error?

    If you're going to keep editing your posts just send me a PM.
  25. Tim Static

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    the only error i see is your post telling someone learning Scorpion instead of Human Smoke is more worthwhile. Colossus waste of time. Sorry, your post was stupid, and leading a player wanting to learn down the wrong path.
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