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  1. Juggernaught rom if you can find it or the Mame umk3 cheat file if you can find it and if all else fails then find the 2 player code and enter it in manually. I would be more helpful, but not sure about the rules of the forum on this kind of thing.

    Maybe AK Juggs can help more.
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  2. Minh Giang

    Minh Giang aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream

    What is the best version of MAME for UMK3??? I don't know why but my MAME makes my stick's input go wrong, like dash, many times i have to use FFF instead of FF just to dash, but everything is fine when i play it with my keyboard.
  3. Um, there is no dash in umk3. You can run, but that is with the run button, not ff.
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  4. Minh Giang

    Minh Giang aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream

    oops, sorry, i mean with the moves that need to do FF, i have to do FFF.
  5. TotteryManx

    TotteryManx cr. HP Master

    How do you get the second AA to connect in these combos? Do you cancel the HP with run or something? The combos I've alyays used were very basic, like HK, HP, HP, d+HP, JK, air fireball. I'm looking to icrease damage so advice would be great.

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