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  1. haha i noticed this with ermac combos. A lot of the time, I'll see good ermac players do "fancier" combos even when there is easier alternatives that do around the same/more damage. The only real reason i can think of is that it looks cool. I suck with ermac though and cant do many of his cool looking combos that use like 3 aarh telepunches, so props to those who can. Too lazy to learn how I'll stick with H.smoke and my lame textbook ermac combos lol.

    Something i find weird is I'm quite good at catching people with aaRH to telepunch combos in matches when i'm playing as ermac, hsmoke, or scorp, but when i try to do it in Ermac combos i bring a lotta fail.
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    Yeah thats one of the reasons why Im think that would be nice a Ermac Combo Video, with his possible combos in a VS, showing all variants, since Ermac has so many combos and variations and some players when have the opportunity to do a combo with him, always go for the same combos, maybe I'll do one in the future.
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    Nobody plays online then? I really wanna learn the game : (

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  4. wanna learn it?
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    Well I dont just wanna rape the cpu, I wanna play other people whobare decent so i can get good, thats an awesome link though thank you :) but still anybof you guys play online?
  7. my advice: play online, play online and keep practicing, that's the only way to achieve some good level. Worlds best online/offline players had been begginers too. they had to practice vs. gaming to become great players.
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    How in the sam hell do yiu deal with nightwolfs shoulder charge? You cant duck it, if you block it it seems like you have to block another one. What am i missing. Seems like once he starts charging i lose horribly lol.

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  9. Bullshit! Nightwolf shoulder can be easely 'ducked'. if you duck under opponents shoulder, his ass is yours then ;)
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    Why if Kano is like so well tier-positioned, he never happens to appear in competitive?

    Also... What are the bnbs for Ermac starting with HK LP?
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    Most basic BnB is HK, LP, JK, TP, aaHPHP, LP, Fireball.
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    Dude seriously, i have tried ducking that shit and it still blows me up

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  13. just practice it, sooner or later you'll finally learn how to avoid the shoulder by ducking, trust me it's very easy.
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    Alright, well how bout this guys, I have just started playing the game a few weeks ago with the intention of getting good. I chose to main kabal because the consensus seems to be he the best in the game. I am having trouble with a few matches. Robot smoke gives me fits. Harpoon is too fucking good lol. Nightwolf gives me alot of trouble and unmasked sub zero also gives me alot of trouble, and i guess stryker to an extent. Can anyone offer advice in these match ups for kabal?
  15. are you playing AI?
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    online ranked matches on mkak
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    You have to duck it without blocking. But if you stand-up too soon you'll get hit by it. It's pretty difficult to deal with online, so that could be your problem.
  18. good one, playing AI will not learn you anything.

    i don't like to repeat myself, but:
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    Well sorry for makin ya repeat yourself homie lol. Seriously though anybody got mkak on psn and wants games add me squirtmcgirt187 please and thankyou lol
  20. Once you understand the possible things a certain character can do, then it is more about the opponent rather than the character itself. You will find people fight the same character differently. Some like to bait/block a lot and some like to rushdown with constant pressure.

    Besides just practicing a lot and learning every little nuance of the mechanics, my advice would be to examine the different patterns and mix ups most players seem to stick to. The top players rarely fall into any kind of exploitable pattern, but the mid to low players always do some bad things repeatedly.

    I HIGHLY suggest learning all the characters to the best of your ability. Put the same amount of effort in them as you do with Kabal. It is one of the best ways of understanding how to fight against them. People you will play will also show you how to beat them. If you used nightwolf online and tried shoulder charging an average player a few times, you would have seen some players ducking it and punishing it.Watching matches on youtube will help as well. Some of the characters I have the most trouble against are the ones I rarely use myself, with a few exceptions.


    Robot smoke is a pain online, reaction blocking spears is usually not possible, but you can bait it against weaker opponents. The better ones will bait you with it and once you bite they will either start runjab pressures or some other mix up.

    I wouldn't bother trying to duck nightwolfs shoulder until you can do it on prediction consistantly. Instead occasionally try walk backwards a small amount and sweep, this should help with his rushdown too. Of course don't do it constantly and be predictable, you don't want them jumping and attacking you, or even just timing their runs off your constant sweeping.

    With sub, don't just run in if you know the opponent can ice clone on reaction. If they clone a lot then just jump over it or wait just before the clone dissappears before making your move. The only damage he can do from a distance would be a jump+attack or a slide, both which are easily punishable. He can't teleport, so if you have an opponent who tries to freeze constantly then just run in and block, then punish. Most subs follow patterns, learn them and predict or prepare for them.
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    Feels bad when you think you can take on just about anybody but those 4 or 5 players out there just wreck your face without hardly a chance :(
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  24. That's because the majority of people you are playing don't truly know what they are doing.
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    hi all,
    i am playing umk3 in mame, but ermac aint playable, is there a modded umk3 rom which those chars are already playable?

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