UMK3 - "On The Edge" Grand Finals w/ Lord Hades vs CRAZY DOMINICAN

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    The second Kombat Network tournament was held yesterday at The Gamer's Edge, hosted by 9.95... it was a success. While his brother, Maxter did some unusual things with Mortal Kombat 9, CRAZY DOMINICAN took the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Grand Finals over Lord Hades. Also, thanks to DarKNaTaS you can view them right here!

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  2. KH_Captain

    KH_Captain Nightwolf wannabe

    damn i didnt know kitana could do combos that high in that game that fan lift must scale like a mofo. at least i know now to not use fan lift so much and use aa HP more.
  3. Prinz

    Prinz watch?v=a8PEVV6tt14

    Kitana still did 40%+ off of air fan back then. I don't know why now everybody is complaining (sarcastic).
  4. DarKNaTaS

    DarKNaTaS Retired!

    well u heard my voice during the match and i was like damnnnnnnn from the combos cd was doing.


    Wait until they lay eyes on UMK3 Kung Lao's spinfinites, lmao.
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  6. NinjaGrinder

    NinjaGrinder A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat

    thx for sharing this one. Are there anymore matches from this tournament?
  7. DarKNaTaS

    DarKNaTaS Retired!

    no didnt record anything else besides this since shock requested it to be recorded so me and my boy tek took care of it and got this match out to u guys!
  8. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    you really dont know alot about this game, do you? lol


    I honestly only mentioned it this time based on how many people will hold KL to his MK9 attributes. :( Dude, look at the recent MK10 discussion, it's like the crusade against Sentinel pre-MVC3 all over again, LOL
  10. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    UMK3 Kung Lao is fine. Everything he does, can do and the same with everyone else is completely avoidable. Its simply, play better & play smarter. thats it.
  11. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    what's that you say? Top 8? SUCK IT WORLD!! HAHAHAHA
  12. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    Good shit CD!!! By far one of the best I've ever played .Props to all who participated.
  13. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    Yo whatup AC? it's Troy. Hope to see you this weekend!
  14. AC1984

    AC1984 Kaballin!

    I'll stop by to hang out on Saturday and Thursday night maybe.
  15. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    I'll be there from friday afternoon on.
  16. AREZ God of War

    AREZ God of War The Crazy BeastMaster

    Insane!!! I couldn't help but watch in awe of CD's foresight. This guy reads people like he knows what people are gonna do cuz he TAUGHT most of us or people we learned from. Congratulations on another one CD. Hope to get my rematch from NECXII at WB :)
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    Ah, I finally see what you're saying now, my bad. I agree, and it's never happened to me before (I did have someone attempt Stryker's inf. on me online in MKAK last week though) my point was how much flack top tiers take for their conceptual potential in MK9, and MK9 only. Sorry for the confusion either way. :)

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