UMK3, MKII, and MKDC at NECX... December 5th and 6th

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    UMK3 at NECX in Philadelphia, December 5th

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    There will be a UMK3 tournament and if the interest is there, an MKII tournament at NEC this year. The turnout last year was pretty good with 16 players for a virtually unadvertised tournament, and is already looking to be good again this year. I will be there Saturday and Sunday as of right now and the specific tournament days will be decided soon. I'm uncertain if I will run both games the same day, but I might have to do both early on Sunday depending on time constrictions, or start Saturday and finish Sunday. Whatever the case may be, players should just show up. If everyone who says "I will come out if there are going to be players there" just showed up, there'd be players there.

    Both UMK3 and MKII will more than likely be played on PCs and we'll supply 4 (four) UMK3 format sticks to use for both games, so MKII's will have a run button on them but that won't make a difference. I do not intend on bringing any 360 pads with me, so if anyone wants to use pad they should bring their own. We'll also have a couple SF stick layouts available if necessary. If MKII does not show any interest we can run SF4 casuals on either machine we bring with us, and we will have 20" and 24" wide screen monitors for your viewing pleasure.

    We've done a lot for the community over the years even before we made this site, and all we've ever asked if for players to get active and represent MK at tournaments, wherever they may be. We can't everywhere but we try to run as many tournaments as possible in our region. I've run tournaments in 4 states, and in Philly this will be the 6th I've run, and 8th I've been a part of. There have been 3 UMK3 tournaments this year already with double digit player turnouts. They'd be a lot higher if everyone who says they would show, actually did. Tournaments are a great and fun experience, you meet a lot of people, and there are endless games to choose from. You don't all play just MK.

    Start up time either day will most likely begin around 4PM, and I would personally be willing to accept late entries until the first Round is complete, as I generally have leeway on tournament coordination. The later we start, the less likely the tournament will finish. No more 6PM or later starts.

    Anyone interested in going, you know how to contact me.




    1. Shock
    2. DreemerNJ
    3. Summoning
    4. iloveu Joe
    5. 9.95
    6. Steve N
    7. aldagod
    8. Julian
    9. Jeron
    10. Kyle
    11. SweetJohnnyCage
    12. KalDragon
    13. Tom Brady
    14. Christ
    15. Universe
    16. blueNINE
    17. Phi
    - uncertain
    18. JusDave
    19. Amir
    20. Kayin
    - very uncertain
    21. FrankieBonez
    22. RushedDown
    23. O Juggernaut O
    25. MaDWaK
    26. mud
    27. styroteqe
    28. Tim Static


    1. MK2Prince
    2. Summoning
    3. Steve N
    4. 9.95
    5. Kyle
    6. Julian
    7. Jeron
    8. iloveu Joe
    9. SweetJohnnyCage
    10. Shock
    11. DreemerNJ
    - uncertain
    12. dookiebrain
    13. dciguy01
    14. david_GEM
    15. btbb99
    16. Tom Brady


    1. Cakes
    2. Check
    3. Br0k3n_H3aRT3D
    4. crystalcage
    5. ReyTheGreat
    6. The Goldenchild
    7. DanCock
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    10. happypants
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    15. XHD Ultra walk
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    17. XHD Skinny pimp
    18. XHD Complex Dztrbed Corleone
    19. G-ROY
  2. ZAQ

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    Phil, I am going to hold you personally responsible for obtaining footage of Shock playing MK2 ;)

    Official ESL Gaming

    Looks like a good turn out so far and a lot of notable competitors.
  4. 9.95

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    LOL, I may have to do this...LOL You need to come there and rape...
  5. Krayzie

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    You guys have to represent! haha

    Good luck to all the competitors.
  6. Check

    Check -

    do i have to go both days? that is pretty much the only thing stopping me at this point.
  7. crystalcage

    crystalcage Top Contributor
    Top Kontributor

    Yeah, no.

    Very funny Tom Brady Lachey Orton!!!
  8. ZAQ

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    Are you going Crystal?
  9. crystalcage

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    I am, but not to compete in MKDC :pirate:
  10. EGP Wonder_Chef

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    I might go. If I do, I'll play in MKDC.

    Just have to see if I get paid before then or not.
  11. I would like to know this too... if I could just come for MKDC and not have to stay the night that would be super.
  12. Krayzie

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    If MKvsDC is hosted all in one day, then yes. You don't have to stick around. I'm pretty sure it wont take two days to complete the tournament since the number of contestants is not that big. Either way, it sounds fun, I would definitely stay for the hype.

    Who are you going with? If I can figure out a way to go, ill try and join you.
  13. there will be NO $500 prize for 1st for mkdc as i will not put 1 dollar of my money into an mkdc scene as i origonally intended to do. if no one shows up for mkdc because of this then i could care less because it really doesnt metter if theres an mkdc tourney or not. the payout for mkdc will no wbe they tourney pot standard of 1st-70% of pot, 2nd-20% of pot, 3rd-10% of pot.
  14. There's always MK9 :)
  15. 9.95

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    There WILL, however, be awards in the form of plaques for UMK3 and MKII.

    Here are some pics from the New Castle Fight Night III tournament on Long Island last month.


  16. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Very cool.
    Now that would be a cool thing to mod into a stick lol
  17. Check

    Check -

    a little help regarding the tourny for mkdc would be greatly appreciated as to whether it will be both days or not..
  18. 9.95

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    I highly doubt it will be 2 days. Even if it's double elimination, tournaments with less than 30 players usually finish up very quickly. All the Castle Fight Night tournaments on LI, where SF4 and 3s have easily 30 players each all finish up in one day with no problem...they usually start around 3-4pm and we're walking out of there easily by 10 and that's after breaking everything down and getting the place cleaned up a little. So I would say 1 day for MKDC.
  19. 9.95

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    But it would ruin the shiny finish! LOL
  20. Tim Static

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    I am confirmed.....

    for NOT being able to attend. :(
  21. 9.95

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    That really sucks... was hoping to see you there...
  22. 9.95

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    This is like a week away... can't wait. I know for sure that I'm playing in MK2, UMK3, KI, and SFA3. Possibly 3s and HDR as well. That's a great weekend of gaming!
  23. 9.95

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    Just as a heads up, I will be running Killer Instinct at NEC.
  24. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Damn, even more reasons to cry this weekend. :(
  25. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    The hours count down...



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