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UMK3 Legend, LI "Joe Ciaramelli" Joe Gains Sponsorship from Notifuro Clothing


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That's right, folks. One of the East Coast's most active tournament players and event organizers, "East Coast Throwdown, The Fall Classic" has gained a sponsorship from Notifuro clothing. Notifuro clothing originated out of Osaka, Japan and recently been brought to the United States. "Notifuro is dedicated to selling its apparel to the lifestyle of the professional gamer and Japanese enthusiasts. Holding a brick and mortor location in both New York, NY and Osaka, Japan." (via LinkedIn)

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Notifuro would like to welcome LI Joe to the team. Although a long time friend, Joe has recently made waves as a co-organizer of some of the biggest events in the fighting game community (FGC). Now after a long hiatus, he will be leading the charge as Notifuro Clothing's first honored ambassador.

What's Next?...

What is most important is making sure we can help Joe in any way possible. We hope to bring him to more events than ever, and support him in any way he needs. He is also being blessed with his very own line of limited edition tee's which reflect Joe's personality. The Notifuro team sat down with Joe to discuss what he envisions himself wearing, rather than being forced to wear something he truly did not believe in.

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We'd like to congratulate our good friend LI Joe on obtaining this sponsorship! Hope to see you at the next event, thisisiloveu
Credit: Tim Static via LI Joe's Facebook



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This was Joe's first match as a sponsored player (took place last sunday, FT10 for $1000 including sidebets.) I know it's not MK/Inju related, but it was crazy hypeeeee. Congrats to Joe for the sponsorship!

Part of me wishes I could get something like this going for MK/Injustice.
Anyway, enjoy (I'll be back with some NRS content soon!)