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UMK3 Kung Lao Mid-Screen Spin Infinite


lex said:
ded_ said:
lex said:
i wish i had that recorded!!!
i wish i had enough free time


0:18 same shit.

guys just because he made a video means he found it

edit: you are really just shooting yourself in the foot for making threads like this. instead of getting praise, you are trashing the game. is that what you want?
RZPuta said ded_ discovered it, I was merely shooting down RZP's man love for ded_.
rzp said:
this remind me to that combo in the UMK3 Devastation where i do RHK, JK, Dive, Spin, Jk, Dive, Spin, RHK, JK, Dive... xD
esa es una de las mejores combinaciones que sale en ese video de kung lao

in english. it will be: that's the best kung lao's combination which appears in your video

excelent ded_


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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Man, I wish the run button was located in a better place when it come sto D-pads :x lol, still fun to try though. Cool vid ded

Tim Static

Hammerbash V2 said:
I can only spin to the right with xbox controller.
I can sometimes get the spin, period. I fucking hate that garbage pad.

Cannot wait to get a stick made from Ed. I'm seriously about to lose my mind playing UMK3 on XBL. It still feels so awkwards trying to pull anything off.

Get this: I can get up to 3, yes, 3 fucking volleys with Reptile on his infinite on the DS but I cannot do shit with him on a 360 pad.

Fuck M$ and their shitty pad


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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ÐarkMoon said:
Tim Static said:
Fuck M$ and their shitty pad
And their system that breaks by pushing the power button.
That's a first lol ^^ I think that's till better then Sony's consoles, takes two buttons(one in the back of the damn thing no less just to turn on) lame.. lol

I do agree though with Tim on the crappy M$$ d-pad...has to be one of the worst ever...