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UMK3 Kung Lao Mid-Screen Spin Infinite


rzp said:
there are many ways to do those inf... and ded_ is the person that it finding all ways xD
I already knew about this :wink:, discovered it the same time I tried Stryker mid screen inf vs female ninjas.


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stryker has no such inf, and yeah i knew about that inf too, but rec it for the umk3 vid i'm working on 8)
this remind me to that combo in the UMK3 Devastation where i do RHK, JK, Dive, Spin, Jk, Dive, Spin, RHK, JK, Dive... xD


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Watching it again, kind of reminds me of the Reptile infinite with back and forth from side to side lol 8)


It's easy if you can spin on both sides with the 360 D-pad. I tried it on my friends Madcatz controller and did it my first try. Although I hate how that pad feels overall, the d-pad is good though.
hahahahahhaah i'm listening to diablo's "rap" hahahhaha most valuable gamer? hjahahahahha sorry to intrude on the thread with this useless post i just want everyone know how hard i'm laughing hahhahaha


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huh its not the same, because its in the corner? *eye*

also i do not pretend that i discovered this inf i just posted it, there are so many infs that i have found, i dont need more and i dont care. you could at least once shut up your egocentric mouth and not acting like a dick.