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Discussion in 'Comparing Multiple Characters' started by RollTide8569, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. FatalTragedy

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    Off a single forceball? It would make sense, those are characters where the chain punch needs to start right as they're passing through you. Seems to be perfectly placed. Now I know what to do if I catch somebody with a close fast forceball.
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  3. FatalTragedy

    FatalTragedy Jesus Fucking Christ

    Oh man that's timing. I'd get pissed dropping that ice shower at the 85% mark.
  4. He Is Close

    He Is Close The Puppet Master
  5. HELP: SINDEL run-in punches after pop-up.

    I just can't seem to do Sindel's 2 run-in punches after the pop-up followed by JK + air fireball. Actually, better explanation is that I don't know how. I can walk in (since the run meter drains after the popup), do 1 punch and then JK + fireball. I see many players start to walk in after the pop-up and then run in and quickly do 2 punches and then JK/fireball.

    What EXACTLY is the button input and timing? Do you hold run/push it down at a certain time? Do you guys use 2 HPs, or do you need to use LPs against some characters?

  6. 2 run-in punches after the pop-up followed by JK + air fireball is easier against big characters like jax, male ninjas, kabal. My tip is: try to do this against those chars.
  7. Pikachu

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    I walk forward and do a runburst
  8. Gematria

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    What's a run burst?
  9. That's my problem: I don't know how to do this run-in burst. I start to walk in after the popup but my run meter is empty.
  10. do the pop up and just walk forward and your run meter will fill back enough to get a "run burst"

    when your practicing don't worry about doing the punches just walk forward and watch when the run meter fills back up, thats when you run

    see how the meter fills back up, after the pop up, in this video?

    I always went for 2 {ninja edit} HIGH punches against whatever character I was playing except Shang Tsung
  11. Thanks. 2 HPs or HP, LP against the girls/robots/etc?
  12. Gematria

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    Thanks RollTide. Appreciate the vid dude!
  13. Mgo

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    2 HP works good vs everyone unless shang tsung but i dont remember if the fireball before jk is safe on chars like Liu, or Sheeva
  14. Mgo

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    I haven't seen this before so i made a vid

  15. Mgo

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    I began to practice the Sindel flight cancel infinite combo, but I could do only a few cycles by now.
    I'll find out about this controversial combo, which is apparently easily doable by the guy called "Marcelo" from Brazil in MKT (psx) and try to practice other ways of doing this to do more cycles.

  16. that combo is insane!

    most i've ever done is pop up jump kick HP flight cancel then uppercut lol, so good job MGO!
  17. Mgo

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    hehe this video is when I started practicing this combo. I improved this and I can do with a lot of practice regularly 11 aaHP. My best was 14 flights cancel. this is a more recent video but is the end of walk and I cant improve this much more... also this training requires sacrifice of fingers lol.

  18. good job now I wanna see you do it on a stick or pad haha
  19. Nightwolf's 4 axe + shoulder ram off the auto combo always feels good.
  20. I always preferred ending w/ a High Kick after doing 4 Hatcheta's (jajaja)

    The one NW combo I wish I could've done was punish a teleport with HP x2, Shoulder Ram, High Kick.......hard combo but would be awesome to pull off in a match.
  21. AREZ God of War

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    You don't need a Run-burst to do HK,HP,HP,D+LP, ...aaHP, JK, AFB, on most characters but if you choose to do TWO aaHPs, then yes, you do need to run-burst.

    I tend to get aaHP,HP on everyone except Shang, Sheeva, Lui Kang, and it's difficult on Sonya and Kung Lao, but possible. I don't remember if I ever got 2 aaHP on SHang, Sheeva, Kang, but if I were you, I wouldn't even bother trying it on them until master it on Jax, male ninjas, Kabal, Stryker, etc.

    You will not have to use the formula for female ninjas...I don't know why, but Sindel can do aaHP,HP to them and NightWolf and Kano just fine (as opposed to Ermac or most others). Normally because of the way they fall, female ninjas, Kano and NightWolf require a slight pause before the 2nd aaHP (aaHP, aaHP), but not in this particular instance.

    If u are just practicing, try a run-burst and ONE aaHP on Sonya, SHeeva, Kang, Shang, Lao until u get the timing, then try adding the 2nd aaHP if possible. If you are having trouble with 2 aaHPs, try substituting them with aaLPx2 instead

    EDIT - I just tested it and aaHPx2 or aaLPx2 is possible on eveyone except SHang...Sheeva is incredibly difficult to do it to, but still possible. All 5 of the previously mentioned characters require a run-burst to execute even ONE aaHP due to the fall-arch (Shang, Sheeva, Kung Lao, Lui Kang, Sonya) and the latter 3 are prolly better juggled with aaLPx2 otherwise the AFB tends to whiff.

    Anyone NOT in that group of 5, a simple walk-in aaHP works , and no run-burst is required for a single aaHP/LP
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  23. does kabal's spin makes his collision boxes bigger?

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