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Discussion in 'Comparing Multiple Characters' started by RollTide8569, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Whats your favorite combos to do in UMK3? Or if you need help with combos ask in here also.

    I'll Start...........

    1. Reptile - infinites on jax,sindel, u. sub and male ninjas/stryker and just 2 dashing punch juggles on other characters

    2. Ermac - aaHp, TKS, HP, HP, JK, TKS, HP, HP, HP, JK (82%)
    and 100%'s in the corner are fun

    3. Striker - Cross Screen inf, I can't do the corner inf once i get there though

    4. Nightwolf - as many axes as I can get from anti air

    5. Kung Lao - Spinfinites
  2. I'm a fan of Cyrax's throw loop mixups and I love relaunchers. Any set combo I think is a little boring so I try to add as much variety as I can.

    HSB SKILLZ Top Kontributor
    Top Kontributor

    I like practicing Sindel's Corner cancel
    And cool morph combos with Shang Tsun
  4. Br0ken

    Br0ken Noob

    Shang Tsung - Ground eruptions, morph to nightwolf, hatchet, hatchet, hatchet, run in lp, hatchet, shoulderram

    Nightwolf's crossover - hp, hk, hp, hp, lp, hatchet, hatchet, hatchet, hk

    Human Smoke - Tp punisher - aahp, aahp, jk, teleport, spear, hk, hp, lp, hp, jk, airthrow

    Kano corner trap combo - dive in hp, hp, hp, d+lp, jk, lp, shakegrab, cannonball

    Stryker - dive in, hp, hk, hp, hp, lp, gun, run in aahp, gun, run in aahp, gun (when in corner) jk, lp, gun (repeat inf)

    Jax - hk, hk, d+ hp, hp, Block, lp, sweep (unblockable)
  5. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    When I am just fuckin around I use H.Smoke and Stryker

    I don't really practice combos anymore, unless I am trying out something 'new' that I think would work.
  6. Brokens all sound like they're not over pretentious combos that fucking hurt.

    Roll your list sounds like mine. I just try to land those all day....I also like to use h.smoke and hit corner roundhouses like crazy.

    I also like trying to do sindels pop up into corner, double jk, airfb. I never, ever, ever, ever do it though. Or a crazy scream punisher into a double jk fb..ouch.

    I also like all of jax's corner possibilities.

    Trying to land multi-kano corner chokes on robots is fun too. but hard.

    all relaunchers ftw

    i have more i just cant think of right now.
  7. Can any on this website do Shang's Ground Erruption Infinite, I been messin with it a lil bit. Its the next infinite i wanna learn. Surely someone can do it or knows how.
  8. MaDWaK

    MaDWaK Noob

    no one knows about dat reptile when opponent is in the corner JK, LP, fastball, dash punch loops to uppercut

    I been playin a lot of kung lao lately and the spinfinite ( i like that name) is fun but I never know when to do the spin a second time to relaunch. I got to work on that shit.

    just wondering with sindel anyone ever tried the launcher, fly cancel, scream? it seems like it would work but I never tried it.
  9. ded

    ded Elder God

    there are lots of shang inf variations, which one you want to learn?

    scream does not work after launcher, it has a hit limit
  10. i wanna do the run under and do it again one. I saw it in one of ur match vids against cyrax, (very nice by the way). I've done it twice in a row but couldnt do it again. I don't know exactly wut I'm doin. I know you gotta run buffer but i think i either don't let go of run or jus run to far.

    Which variation is the easiest?
  11. ded

    ded Elder God

    the one you want to learn, the other is tricky and not always guaranteed.

    for this eruption inf mid-screen you should know it works only vs few characters (technicaly it works on everyone but its very hard against some). you should practice it vs robots, sheeva, shang, sonya, liu, lao, nightwolf, kabal and female ninjas.

    if the person jumps onto the first GE, run almost to the other side of the screen and GE as they are landing. you have to make sure the last hit knocks them behind you, so walk into the middle, let it hit them over, then run and buffer the next GE to hit as they fall.
  12. ^thanx ded_ i'll be giving this some more practice.
  13. IMO the easiest GE inf variation is just a well timed and placed jump a fraction of a second before the 3rd GE hits. (If started full screen) Then you have to get the timing down to let out the GE the frame you land on the other side of the screen after jumping over. Works like a charm for most chars. (Sheeva and robots are easy to keep going)
  14. Have you done this before? To me it doesn't sound like it would work. I mean because the run buffer just barely hits them at the right time unblockable. I will try the way you said later, but I'm gonna learn the run buffer, the way ded_ does it.
  15. It most definitely works, I wish I knew how to make a video with Mame. If you jump to the other side just as the 3rd GE hits, input the F B and the last B LK just as you land. It is very difficult to keep going on male ninjas and some others, but suprisingly easy against robos and Sheeva. If you can run buffer then more power to ya though. This is the only way I've really tried and when it started to work I was all :confused: lol
  16. f33dback

    f33dback Noob

    I like Scorpion's HKHKLKLK. Right after you do it throw the spear like it's part of the combo and you will grab the guy right when he gets up.
    Thats when i land an uppercut and the "OOooo" follows.
  17. Hey dreamcatcher the kaillera agent I hav records matches but you can only play them back through mame. i dunno how to make them into youtube vids, but you should show me the way your talkin bout in LAG WEAPON sometime
  18. Ok cool, well maybe I could record through Mame and just send it to you? Hopefully that works because I would love to show people this if they haven't seen it. Maybe ded_ hasn't even seen this method. (jk I doubt it lol)
  19. ^ hey wut u said was right, me and twin paradox where doin the jump one earlier and it worked. He got it 4 times in a row i only got it twice. But it worked :)
  20. Try it on Mame ghetto training to get the timing down. I have yet to do this in a real match, but Sheeva and the robos are the best shot.
  21. i'm back from ghetto training and i figured out the run buffer way (in 30 min. of practice) and the max i got was 18 hits 86% on Sheeva completely unblockable. I had to use The River stage because it shows the shadow as there falling/being juggled and that help set up my timing to keep it going.

    Dream i did it ur way for 99% but i think I was doin it blockable, I needed a blocker to know 4 sure.

    But thanks 4 the help ded_ and Dreamcatcher. Man this combo is easy as hell, more ppl should learn it. I'm serious once you know how to do it its simple.
  22. Yeah it's no problem. I've also noticed if you can get the first or second GE to hit early enough, they will juggle the opponent higher and higher so it's almost impossible not to be unblockable.
  23. Full Infinite Learned. This combo is fun to do now cuz I can do the whole thing. I started mixing up both the run buffer and the jump way a few different times in the same combo for shits and giggles. now time to learn shang tsung as a fighter lol then i can catch ppl with it. I'm not worried bout doin it in a match tho i jus wanted to learn how to do it.

    Now i need somethin else to learn haha!
  24. Play with ET Sigma.
  25. I would if he didn't delete me 3 months ago for no reason. Alot off ppl delete me for no reason, i don't understand why but don't give a damn either lol. But Paradox invited him in the room the other day and his name is now ShapeShifter or some shit.

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