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UMK3 Juggernaut Hack v1.0 Fixed


Ahh this is both (mk3/umk3) integrated in one single rom, good stuff. The one i posted is just the umk3 rom (7.06 mb)
About two years ago was that post, seems like I introduced this hack into the competitive gameplay.
Also i forgot name some characteristics of this hack:


  • Human Smoke and Noob Saibot are eligible but have their own space on the board of fighters (Shang Tsung and Stryker are fully eligible also)
  • Ermac, Classic Sub-Zero and Mileena are unlocked (for online gameplay this is very important)
  • Human Smoke and Noob Saibot now not appear with a "?", have their image as that of MK Trilogy.
  • Human Smoke and Noob Saibot can fight in any scenario (The restriction from the original game was that Human Smoke only appeared on the scene "Lost" and Noob Saibot in "Noob's Dorfen")
  • Noob Saibot retains its status of having no special moves but with more resistance and speed.
  • Have the stories of all characters (in the original only appear Kitana, Jade, Scorpion and Reptile); same in the finals although Noob Saibot have the same history as Human Smoke.
  • Noob Saibot have Kano's combos.
  • On 2vs2 You can sometimes do fatalitys on Noob Saibot, and sometimes on this mode you cant do fatalities if some of the characters was Noob Saibot.
  • When player 2 enters there is a sound of Shao Kahn laugh.
  • When you pick Noob Saibot, the sound is "Kano Wins"
  • When Noob Saibot wins, the sound is "It's official, you suck"
  • An Endurance was changed ("Scorpion/Jade/Kitana" for ""Scorpion/Human Smoke/Smoke")
  • And others.


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Someone needs to make MKT playable on Kaillera. Without the shitty emu...


I just edited my previous post, there I added all the features of this hack I can remember for now