UMK3 is Americas game.

Discussion in 'Fighting Philosophy' started by Lex, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Naw i dont demand respect, i know i havent been to any tournies
    hence one of the reasons why I never floated around ultimatemk praising myslef believing i was good with this and that

    lex if you do live in canada, you should come out, but i dont know if you are ready for the umk3 strafe yet



    "US players are too good for me.
    I pre-registered tournament of this game, but I canceled it (;´д`)

    I should practice MK9 seriously..."

    - Tokido's Blog
  3. Lex

    Lex Noob

    ill be living in vancouver in the next month or two
  4. rzpmkkteam

    rzpmkkteam Noob

    Hey Friends!!! there are something very sad (for some peoples!) but the true is: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (was or is a US Game), Tekken 6 (Sucks) it´s Korean, But.. But!!! UMK3 / MKT It´s VENEZUELA GAME...
  5. rzpmkkteam

    rzpmkkteam Noob

    @Lex: Come to Venezuela some day you know you´re my girld and you´ll be trated like what you are to me.. A QUEEN!
    haha same for those who wants to visit us!
  6. rzpmkkteam

    rzpmkkteam Noob

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha nice to know that! we´re playing hard this game to be good players someday! (not too far :p)
  7. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
    Premium Supporter

    This, but...


    BTW I would love to see Lex vs Marvin. And, I know Lex and that he is extremely GOOD at UMK3, but Marvin plays for "the cheap stuff" , I dont know if Lex (or Chi old scene) is prepared for G.Jabbing abuse!

    Also Chilean Players are very good at it too!
  8. rzpmkkteam

    rzpmkkteam Noob

    Close your eyes! ok you did it? now put this image (the girl with the gun one) ok now the girl is Lex, the gun a Arcade Stick and who is the target? Marvin! LOL!
  9. Lex

    Lex Noob

    how many times do i have to tell you silly rzp: my shang > ur kabal
  10. Lex

    Lex Noob

    I would like to apologize for inviting RZP's bad english to this discussion.
  11. Lex

    Lex Noob

  12. rzpmkkteam

    rzpmkkteam Noob

    Im Gringo remember? you love my eng!!!
  13. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
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    ;) love ya bro
  14. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

    NO DOUB7
    Lol get ready for the JABS!

  15. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
    Premium Supporter

    THATS what Im talking about man! Its not pretty! haha umk3/MKT at its highest level IS NOT PRETTY!
  16. Lex

    Lex Noob

    i dont know what else to say other than, been there done that, thousands of times

    edit: now i got some stuff to say. you guys say they are jabbing but im clearly not seeing enough. theres no corner rape, and theres no timing changes. theres no deliberate uppercut chips into zone advantages in the middle of a jab flurry. i would give this a skill level of 3 on a cab, 5-6 online. you can throw out WAYY better patterns. theres no jump checks. theres no doubles. theres no super fast single jabs.

    marvirrasta is a good jax but not full potential. no invis from rsmoke. there needs to be some leveling up before you guys send that stuff my way ;)

    and nightwolf didnt kill the guy with 92 seconds left on the clock PERFORMANCE NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  17. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

    NO DOUB7
    ^ - Lex dat was just online mame casuals dude. Here's a tourney match with marvirrasta...and he STILL wasnt playin his best in my opinion cuz...he didnt need to lol:

  18. Lex

    Lex Noob

    and the internet doesnt have me playing the best either. so how exactly do people think im not ready for these alleged super glitch jabs that have been happening since 1997?
  19. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

    NO DOUB7
    no one said u werent ready, we were just tryin 2 show u wat some tourny players today are doin. good players like u can adapt 2 anything

    out of curiosity, how come it had said glitch jabs were first introduced in 2007 (discovered by dreemer or someone else?) on the website. if people had been doing it (especially in south america) way before then, how did it just get discovered. thats strange
  20. Lex

    Lex Noob

    give it a name, it becomes real. they should have put a z on the end. glitchjabz
  21. NinjaGrinder

    NinjaGrinder A living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat

    Yeah, I loved those marv matches, but I'm sure we haven't seen the best of lex either. Yeah those guys go for the killz (see what I did there?) but you can put a lot of strategy EVEN playing like that. I ddin't see anything "ugly" or "awful" or "cheap" in those matches. The uglier matches that I have ever seen, must be the ones from that (soap bar in my mouth)... what was his name...? glitchy rodriguez a.k.a. guetto kabal. And those matches weren't the highest level, they were just ugly, boring ass turtling gj fest. Not to mention his ridiculous obsession with "babalities are humiliating, the highest level of humiliation"
  22. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
    Premium Supporter

    You are right. I think the best you have showed was that best of 7 against Moe I think?

    EDIT: This one (Lexhibition).

    Great matches but to be honest and please EVERYIONE READ: IM NOT BASHING. In these matches, for the time being, no one shows anything good/new/noteworthy. no GJ, absolutely no corner pressure, VERY BASIC rush patterns (Chi style: 1 run jab, lklp, jump back, repeat), a very VERY mmmm how to say it... "bad sense" of posisioning in the stage? (sorry dont know the word in english) in the fact that there are MANY miss opportunities to get full damage combos taking corners as advantage etc. and that too: droped combos/low damaging combos when given the chance, etc.

    Obviously that was a casual/exhibition but it could have show more. And that vid is 7 yearsold. If all that was "known"... Why wasnt displayed there? You 2 were supposedly the 2 best at UMK3 (dont know from USA, but at least from Chi). the game obviously HAS evolved a lot. Instant air fireballs, sweep/hk/lppunishing on block (old I know) and other stuffas well.

    Again, IM NOT BASHING Lex or his reputation, but I like to "compare" these stuff in "paper"andfrom the material we have, there is clearly a wide gap in gameplay skills and knowledge.

    Ninja Edit: Even this being MKT n64 (wich sucks forsome but for others is the deepest mk game ever) do you believe this level is from2006? i found it great and those guys were doing stuff BACK THEN that even today i cannot do and dont see them in other vids as well.

    These are the best players in the world like it or not and sadly and lucky to us, they dont play umk3:

  23. Lucky Day

    Lucky Day Noob

    Deleted your double post Hanzo. :p

    And the reason you haven't seen the best of Lex is because they didn't record videos like we do today (or like you guys in South America have for a while apparently).

    I would honestly say having seen the top players, and seeing most of them play live, almost all of them would be fairly even (if you were to take the 2-3 from each country).

    Some have different styles, but I've seen old school style players beat players who are proficient with corner traps and GJs and I've seen it go the other way.

    Some of the Russian guys I've seen are also really good, and I don't think anyone really knows about them outside of the one or two guys that post here on TYM and

    I don't see much of the Chile guys, and everyone says they're great as well.

    The only way we can ever really see how it would work out in real life is to see these players in the same event and have them play each other.
  24. MKK hanzo

    MKK hanzo Moderator
    Premium Supporter

    Thanks Lucky and I do support your post.

    And again I DIDNT MEANT any disrespect to Lex, he is a TOP player and a great friend wich I respect from both perspectives and I do accept that he is way better than me at UMK3. Just pointing out that there are players wich I consider, could beat the crap of any of us here if taken lightly (CrazyD,Marv, etc).

    Lucky: All the Chile UMk3 scene channels I know so far:
  25. NoDoubt

    NoDoubt nasty

    NO DOUB7
    ^ - Ya Hanzo, I do agree with you as well and do notice a lot of old videos kinda lack some of the good stuff I see today, which is probably why many might assume things have really advanced since. Not to say none of that existed, but when your watching old "tournament/best of" matches in video...youd expect the players to be serious and at their best so thats why it can be interesting to judge.

    I for one still have never seen a player like Marvirrasta in the US. Tom Brady said he has never seen a better jabber. Marv doesnt use any mix-ups because he didnt need to use them. If your winning consistently using simple patterns, then thats all you need. Your opponent governs how much of yourself you expose.

    Roll Tide VS Marvirrasta (Roll Tide only won 2 matches out of like 50 or something lol...btw MARV got a nice Kung Lao as well)


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