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UMK3 Ermac has an Animality?

I guess this was a glitch a came across, and I'm sure it's been mentioned before. But I was playing the CPU on MAME, on the UMK3 Juggernaut hack. I got to the E (endurance) round and it was Ermac and Jade. When I lost to Ermac, he did an Animality. However, there was no animation, he just stood there until it said "ANIMALITY". So was this just a CPU glitch, or is there actually a button combination you can do to do this Animality?


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Had it on Xbox. Picked the prize battle against Ermac. He did an uppercut. Then the animality thing came up.

Tim Static

Yea, same thing. Picked the prize Ermac battle, he won, turned into an elephant and sat on me.

seriously tho, i've heard of this. never seen it tho :(
ScheissNussen said:
There is no command sequence for it, only a trigger.
All characters technically have the same amount of possible finishers, just as they have normals. The A.I. is programmed to do an animality randomly when you lose and when a character that doesn't have one is told to do an animality it just triggers the placeholder for the animality. It doesn't care which character it is that won, it is just told to do an animality.

H.Smoke can do his second fatality too, just by putting his arm in the air, etc.

1. Random number within range = Perform Finisher
2. Random number = Type of Finisher
3. Perform Finisher Sequence
4. Win Stance
5. Cue Finisher Title and Sound Effect
Ah, I see. Disappointing, but it makes sense.