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UMK3 ds online

Uh, the DS is much more laggy, the game play itself is much faster....but the theres so much lag from graphics and shit.

So, the DS doesn't compare, you can own people on the DS jump kicking them because of the delay.

On the 360, they have more time and less lag to deal with jumpers, and you'll get punished pretty easily.

That's my thoughts on the DS vs Xbox lately.

I can do reptile dashes on both though, and kungs inf is possible online, but just very hard to keep going.


DS you can't communicate. Which is bullshit because they have a mic and a headset, but wtf is all that shit for if there's no game to communicate on? Stupid ass nintendo.
well damn then the DS must suck then. i'm prob still gonna get it tho just to have MK handheld game. Single player the same still right?


The DS does not lag, unless you play at some local mall or other place where people suck all the bandwidth. Single player is still the same yes.
i love my job kick ass and i don't have to crying so. the xBox is not fun you need gold to play so i got UMK on nintendo ds and 2 games
How would i hook my DS online if i have dial up? is there a way to do it without getting broadband or whatever
Playing ANY game online with dial up is just a bad idea. It's not possible with DS. I don't think it works on the 360...and even if it did it'd be unplayable due to the lag. Your best bet is to man up and get broadband. Split it with your bro maybe? Only other option would be to go to a wifi hotspot like a coffee shop or something.


If you get a nintendo USB wifi adapter you can play online through a computer thats hooked up to the internet, even over dial up. The problem is dial up has horrible latency and the game would be basically unplayable.

You might be able to hook it up as an ad hoc network if the computer connected via dial up has a wifi adapter but IIRC that's a messy setup.
I don't think the DS is that bad for what it is, and the lag really depends on where you are and who you're playing. Most of the time I play the connection is just fine, but there are some instances where it is unplayable.


Yeah, I can't believe that they waste so much potential on all of their games.

Yeah, the DS sucks to most people because it is different to them. If people would spend less time complaining about it and giving it half the effort they put into getting used to their shitty 360 controllers, they would like it. The main parts of the game that are delayed are the times when you aren't actually playing (example: waiting for Kabals HUGE sprite to reach the end of the screen after someone wiffs his dash)

The main problems with DS is that it lags due to all of the moving parts on the screen. Most of the problem is with the stages which can be changed with codes.

Simply turning off blood and using 050-050 at the VS screen helps the connection substantially. I am told that using the top screen for gameplay can help even more. With people that I have setup matches with on AIM or whatever, I could get a very clear connection, even with kAn, who is a Venezuelan player.

Some players just don't have good connections though, it comes with online gaming. The only thing you can do is limit the variables that lag the game. If they lag too bad, just don't play them unless they are your only option.

I am one of the few people that likes DS over other ways to play the game because of the speed increase in the gameplay that comes with DS. (After playing the game this long, it needs it)
^Agreed 100%

@the people that say there is no voice chat

Don't you have to add people to your friends list in order to actually talk with them? That's what you have to in Metroid for the DS.
i say UMK3 is best on DS xBOX360 you need gold to play online so i got UMK on DS
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It depends. It depends. It depends. There's going to be experience with lag no matter what or who you play. Just keep tabs on players with good connections, if they're decent. The combination isn't rare, but uncommon on the DS.


if anything, i think the ds is ok not great... i agree that the ds SHOULD be able to have communication just like metroid prime hunters did which was really cool to see, but then there's the whole thing with the big difference from playing single player mode and online. I couldn't even relaunch a robo sheeva more than twice with classic sub because of some kind of delay.. One thing i WILL say about it is that it feels faster than the 360. And using the DS D-Pad is much better than the 360's joystick or D-Pad in my opinion. anyone feel free to add to this one..8)