UMK3 and MK2 @ NECX December 5th!

Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by ZAQ, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. ZAQ

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    UMK3 at NECX in Philadelphia, December 5th

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    There will be a UMK3 tournament and if the interest is there, an MKII tournament at NEC this year. The turnout last year was pretty good with 16 players for a virtually unadvertised tournament, and is already looking to be good again this year. I will be there Saturday and Sunday as of right now and the specific tournament days will be decided soon. I'm uncertain if I will run both games the same day, but I might have to do both early on Sunday depending on time constrictions, or start Saturday and finish Sunday. Whatever the case may be, players should just show up. If everyone who says "I will come out if there are going to be players there" just showed up, there'd be players there.

    Both UMK3 and MKII will more than likely be played on PCs and we'll supply 4 (four) UMK3 format sticks to use for both games, so MKII's will have a run button on them but that won't make a difference. I do not intend on bringing any 360 pads with me, so if anyone wants to use pad they should bring their own. We'll also have a couple SF stick layouts available if necessary. If MKII does not show any interest we can run SF4 casuals on either machine we bring with us, and we will have 20" and 24" wide screen monitors for your viewing pleasure.

    We've done a lot for the community over the years even before we made this site, and all we've ever asked if for players to get active and represent MK at tournaments, wherever they may be. We can't everywhere but we try to run as many tournaments as possible in our region. I've run tournaments in 4 states, and in Philly this will be the 6th I've run, and 8th I've been a part of. There have been 3 UMK3 tournaments this year already with double digit player turnouts. They'd be a lot higher if everyone who says they would show, actually did. Tournaments are a great and fun experience, you meet a lot of people, and there are endless games to choose from. You don't all play just MK.

    Start up time either day will most likely begin around 4PM, and I would personally be willing to accept late entries until the first Round is complete, as I generally have leeway on tournament coordination. The later we start, the less likely the tournament will finish. No more 6PM or later starts.

    Anyone interested in going, you know how to contact me.




    1. Shock
    2. DreemerNJ
    3. Summoning
    4. iloveu Joe
    5. 9.95
    6. Steve N
    7. aldagod
    8. Julian
    9. Jeron
    10. Kyle
    11. SweetJohnnyCage
    12. KalDragon
    13. Tom Brady
    14. Christ
    15. Universe
    16. blueNINE
    17. Phi
    - uncertain
    18. JusDave
    19. Amir
    20. Kayin
    - very uncertain
    21. FrankieBonez
    22. RushedDown
    23. O Juggernaut O
    25. MaDWaK
    26. mud
    27. styroteqe
    28. Tim Static


    1. MK2Prince
    2. Summoning
    3. Steve N
    4. 9.95
    5. Kyle
    6. Julian
    7. Jeron
    8. iloveu Joe
    9. SweetJohnnyCage
    10. Shock
    11. DreemerNJ
    - uncertain
    12. dookiebrain
    13. dciguy01
    14. david_GEM
    15. btbb99
    16. Tom Brady


    1. Cakes
    2. Check
    3. Br0k3n_H3aRT3D
    4. crystalcage
    5. ReyTheGreat
    6. The Goldenchild
    7. DanCock
    9. the1colin
    10. happypants
    11. BTT
    13. Vandy
    15. XHD Ultra walk
    16. XHD Ultra Jr
    17. XHD Skinny pimp
    18. XHD Complex Dztrbed Corleone
    19. G-ROY
  2. Shaney

    Shaney Guest

    I will definitely NOT be there :D
  3. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Now is your chance MKII players!
  4. Fail.

    I will try to attend this. UMK3 get hype!
  5. david_GEM

    david_GEM Guest

    Holy shit bro i would soooooo do this. Idk if foozer would drive there. UNLESS... i'll call dookiebrain up and see what's going on. Also I'll tell rdz, i doubt if cuko would make it though. Tell ARIA!!! Chicago's isn't too far from philly is it?

    Btw dciguy is in PENN. I'll ask him here on classick.
  6. david_GEM

    david_GEM Guest

    It would help if women were there too. idk why, i just know that would help. lol A gurantee of either really good pizza or chinese food, some sight seeing would be prefered (i guess on my behalf). It HAS to be recorded too. Why no ps3?? Me and fusion have a pretty sexy blu ray movie collection not to mention... UN-fucking-CHARATED 2. It seems umk3 players are more eager to see eachother in person that's way awesome. Idk about mk2 players- i cant get cuko to meet up and he's right here in queens. More power to umk3. But if anything just know that i REALLY want to even though i have school really early on Mondays
  7. Shaney

    Shaney Guest

    I know, I would really like to be there but it's not possible at this point in time. Whoever can, get out there and hold it down!
  8. I gotcha bro, I'm gonna really try and make it. The only problem as of now is the distance. Hopefully I'll be able to make it.
  9. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    There's plenty of shit to do in Philly.
    They have Philly cheesesteaks, a korea town and museums w/art exhibits all the time.
  10. and parking wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watch out or your car will get booted.....lmao
  11. MaDWaK

    MaDWaK Noob

    im already going with the milwaukee Crew hopefully. I already got a bus ticket. I need someone to possibly house me tho. anyone down to split up hotel costs hit me up!
  12. david_GEM

    david_GEM Guest

    so only me and dookie even commented on this from mk2... wtf
  13. MKB

    MKB Retired Gatekeeper
    Forum General

    Howdy from Arizona. I just caught wind of this today... If this is going to be in Philly, you better believe I'll be down for it. It's across the state for me, but that's as close as it's going to get for me I suppose. There is just one slight problem I have college grad finals that will be happening around the 2nd week of December. If I'm gonna be a part of this, I need to figure out a way to get them done without wasting the weekend. Still need some time to think about it..
  14. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    I spoke with Shock and he said "There is a good Chinese restaurant across the street from the building and there are more and more attractive women loitering around the gamefloor every year." in response to your comment.

    He also said that you can use ps3 pads as long as you bring your own.
    For anyone else that was wondering about this.

    That is the good thing about PC, any player can use anything they want.
  15. btbb99

    btbb99 Noob

    this can't be for real!!!! i can't believe this when i read it lol.... i live literally 5 minutes from the hotel....this could not possibly be any closer for me omg.... i will definitey be there and i can't wait to see you guys there ..... please if you guys can get there get there... once you guys try our cheesesteaks you will not wanna leave lol
  16. ZAQ

    ZAQ Banned

    Shock told me that he has been adding names of players who say they are going to a list for the tournament coordinator of NECX. It looks like there is already a good amount of sign-ups.

    26 total players, about 20 are specifically UMK3, most UMK3 players will play MKII

    Here's a loose list of players saying they will attend for UMK3 so far, along with players who play every year and are normally in attendance.

    1. Shock
    2. DreemerNJ
    3. Summoning
    4. Kyle
    5. iloveu Joe
    6. SweetJohnnyCage
    7. 9.95
    8. Julian
    9. Jeron
    10. RushedDown
    11. Tom Brady
    12. KalDragon
    13. aldagod
    14. Kayin
    15. JusDave
    16. Steve N
    17. Amir
    18. O Juggernaut O

    Players on other boards who have said they are going for either UMK3, MKII or MKvDC

    19. Check
    20. blueNINE
    21. dookiebrain
    22. david_GEM
    23. MaDWaK
    24. dciguy01
    25. styroteqe
    26. btbb99
  17. Well, apparently MR IGOTBASS and SANSPOWER say they're coming. I told them about it through the youtube video, and they say they're down for it. Which I don't believe for a moment.
  18. MKB

    MKB Retired Gatekeeper
    Forum General

    I'm still up in the air, but I'm leaning toward going.
  19. david_GEM

    david_GEM Guest

    for me it still depends on if dookie goes.
  20. iammud

    iammud Noob

    hrmm, I might go to this. My buddie's parent's have a place in Champion that they said I can use this winter. I was planning on going up there in January. Maybe I'll go up there sooner and hit this up. What's the turnout expected to be? *just noticed Zaq's post.
  21. mk2prince

    mk2prince Noob

    I want Play in mk2, how to join?
  22. mk2prince

    mk2prince Noob

    I want play in mk2, so how to sign up?
  23. SuGaR

    SuGaR Guest

    Juggernaut, a couple of things for you.

    Bring your own video camera so you can record matches because I'm sick of no matches from tournaments.

    Win the tournament. You're far better than everyone on that list so far.

    If Mr I Got Bass and Sans Power show up, dominate them as hard as possible.
  24. Sounds like a plan.

    The only real problem I'm having is financial. If anybody could help me out with that issue, let me know. Donate to the poor, you know you want to.
  25. MaDWaK

    MaDWaK Noob

    ok someone should hook me up with a place to stay when I get there. I wont have enough money for a hotel by myself so if anyone is down for splitting the costs just hit me up on AIM or something plz. Ill bring mad snacks too.

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