UMK3 and MK1 P2P Tournament

Discussion in 'Tournaments, Results and Match Up Info' started by ZAQ, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. X820

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    Congratz Juggernaut, and thanks for the good time guys :)
  2. Thanks REO and X820 ><

    Fun tournament! Sucks I couldn't find my cord that connects me to my modem. Was weird having to choose different characters, made me realized I suck with most of the roster, in delay at least. I've used human smoke so much I can handle delay with him, also he is real easy to use so that helps. I kept getting confused against REO, I couldn't remember who I had chosen! It was 5-4 him and I forgot it was ft6, so I used Reptile vs his Robot Smoke. That was the hardest match of the tourny for me. Every time you went invisible I like, "oh fuck!".

    GGs to everyone. Sorry my connection wasn't too good, my bad.
  3. ZAQ

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    Thanks to everyone who attended and Congrats to Juggernaut for winning UMK3 and Fix for winning MK1
  4. Yeah I think Reo is massively underrated going into this thing. I had probably a harder time with him than Birkin and that's saying something.

    Now to buy a new controller because my HP is still sticking...
  5. soultaker

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    great ! are there gone be any videos ?
  6. Steambull

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    How did the MK1 side of it go? I am sorry that I could not participate, had a busy night at the local club's annual sexhibition, hehe. I hope that there wasn't any bad blood, which, unfortunately, seems to be the case in this community way too often. Waiting for vids!
  7. As REO's master, I would agree with you. He is coming along nicely.
  8. Konqrr

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    Sorry I couldn't play in this.

    Saturday turned into a fantastic day /sarcasm

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