Ultimate Mortal Kombat 2 Has Been Released To The Public!

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by ZAQ, Apr 8, 2014.

By ZAQ on Apr 8, 2014 at 2:58 PM
  1. ZAQ

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    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 2 Tournament Edition
    After many months of updates to the original arcade game Mortal Kombat 2 Revision 3.1 from an anonymous hacker it has finally reached the release stage as "Ultimate Mortal Kombat 2 Revision 5.0"

    There are many small updates to the gameplay that make the game more balanced that the fixes list PDF [pdf zip] is over 50 pages long. Some of you may know about the major changes to the core engine of the game where walking has been fixed and low kicks were fixed to be a much more useful tool. But now there are tweaks to nearly every special in the game and even some new specials that help some of the low tier characters that struggled versus high tier characters previously. [​IMG]

    Four familiar palette swaps are now accessible during gameplay for player 2 during mirror matches and Shang Tsung morphs to avoid confusion of which character is your own. This is more likely to happen with Scorpion and Mileena, as their teleports and cross-ups are purposely designed to confuse you.

    UMK2 is far more balanced than the original MK2 and the game is simply more fun now that 4 times the number of characters are useful at a high level. I encourage you all to download the patch and update your copy of MK2.

    *Update! 6/15/2014 Revision 5.0.052 has been released!*

    * Liu Kang Air Fireball recovery is now the same as R3.1 when used in a combo (ie: combo counter is > 1)
    * Mileena Air Sai recovery is now 7 frames (R3.1 is 8 frames) when used in a combo (ie: combo counter is > 1)
    * Mileena Sai Charge Timer reverted back to R3.1
    Patch and full change list: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y73ftrnm2efxcgf/umk2te_5-0-052_1323.7z
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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by ZAQ, Apr 8, 2014.

    1. YourMKArcadeSource
    2. ZAQ
      One of the biggest mistakes that I've been seeing players do with this game so far is that they aren't used to using Low Kick to punish things yet. Try it out! If Liu Kang throws a low fireball at you, kick him in his noisy mouth. Johnny Cage shadow kick you and you blocked it? Low kick him!, etc etc It's an extremely useful tool now where there were previously no good option.

      Thanks a ton to the hacker, I've been wanting to see something like this for too many years!
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    3. shark
    4. Killphil
      Holy balls! I'm only part way through the doc, but I like the overall damage reduction. I forget, is Liu Kang top tier in this game? Is it Mileena, Liu, and Jax as top 3? If so that explains the plethora of nerfs he received. Also low kick being blockable high or low...can someone explain this? I'm not as versed in mk2.
    5. 9.95
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    6. 1man3letters
      hell yeah!!! @OriginalRazer quick get yourself to tarkatan hq asap ;)
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    7. RoGE
      Which version of mame should I use? I patched the files within the zip file and I'm getting this missing .chd error
    8. Prinz
      Cage: Shadow kick is a mid, nutpunch is a low, fireballs have decent trajectories. Nice :) MK9, please do this too :)
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    10. Jeremy KO
      Jeremy KO
      Getting this error every time I try loading it up on mame64 I get this error
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    11. ZAQ
      This is the newest release of Mame Plus! Plus Kaillera http://www.emucr.com/2014/04/mame-plus-plus-kaillera-v0152-r209.html

      It won't show up in your "available" list, because it has been updated and won't be exactly like the original. But if you look in your "All Games" list, select the last official US release of MK2 and it will run. "Mortal Kombat II (rev 3.1)"


      For those of you who are updating their arcade cabinets. Please please please post pics and vids ; )
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    12. McCarron
      I shall be updating my board eventually, also may post the stickers that they made up to go along with it.

      Great work all around, been hoping someone with some deep ASM knowledge and free time would step up to do this. I never got beyond some simple animation hacking myself.
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    13. Glass Sword
      Glass Sword
      I wish I understood the meta of MK2 so these changes would make more since to me.
      Is crouch blocking bad. There are no overheads so I am guessing you can't get out of pressure unless you stand block? If not what is the point of lows.
    14. Jeremy KO
      Jeremy KO
      Still getting the same error in this emulator as well.
    15. ZAQ
      Close pressure in MK2 can be devastating. A lot of people complain that there are no overheads, and I think it would be neat to see how they play out in MK2. But at the same time, the chip damage in the arcade games is very high and the pressure can be very difficult to get out of without taking damage on top of it. There is no damage scaling in MK2 either, so if you get combo'ed you are getting hit with full damage of every normal and special in the combo. It's like sudden death compared to modern games.

      And yeah, you can crouching low kick and low punch to push them back and get out of it. Not to mention uppercut if they are sloppy (which is 24%).
      Hmmm.. try re-patching again from scratch.
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    16. KH StarCharger
      KH StarCharger
      Why was kitana nerfed?!
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    17. ZAQ
      The damage on her fan was nerfed, but her ground fan was buffed and is now useful. You can even combo after it, especially in the corner.

      She used to get 50% for jk, air fan, jk. It was a bit much for barely any work.
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    18. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      i would love if they patched mkt for pc as well
    19. MKB
      Can't tell you how pleased I am with the work done on this patch.
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    20. STRYKIE
      Thank you based UMK2 for making Player 2 Sub-Zero become Noob Saibot. I could never tell if I was slipping on my own ice puddle in the mirror match. :DOGE
    21. OriginalRazer
      Finally its done! I have to redownload mame for this. :)

      All the best,
    22. Konqrr
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    23. Temp
      Looks awesome. I wonder if anyone would be willing to patch in a dash-block mechanic. I don't even care how it's animated in. I just wanna see what that would do for the gameplay.
    24. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      Dat Sub's Ice Puddle buff :DOGE

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