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TyM Weekly Koth matches-(Xbox)

Ck AeroVoid

Mk Casual, KI God
"I'm surprised a topic like this hasn't been made, I thought the community was going to be way more active than it is right now. It's still early in the game and that could change, but part of being in a community and part of growing together isn't just sharing tech, it's playing against each other. So I was thinking we could make KOTH matches a weekly thing and it doesn't have to be once a week either. Not to mention that it's fun playing with people who want to learn and won't quit after one match, and we get to talk to each other as well and it makes the grind of getting better seems way less lonely than just playing randos who only cue their mics to say you suck after they lose for the 10th time in a row." quoted from @Vslayer ps4 Koth post, (I Kan't think of an Intro, and I completely agree lol) also I will add your Gt So that others may add you!

My Xbox Live is Ck AeroVoid so feel free to add me, Few of you xbox users have already so thats a start :D

I know many of you have work or school and are usually busy so just post your normal time that you are on below!
Also Maybe if we end up getting this going xbox gift cards may be on the line!
GT@John Grizzly
@Iconic Horror
GT UghGetOuttaHere- @Nike
GT @Nortnauq
GT ArchCorpse @Arqwart
GT PKB Belloz @MEJBelloz
GT:Infamous973 @Infamous718
GT ArchCorpse
GT Infamous 973 @Infamous718
GTCartman3028 i Forgot too mention that this is to have fun YOU DON'T NEED TO BE GOOD
Lets have some fun Ya'll!

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Xbox GT - Rome Marsz

West Coast - Mountain Standard Time
I'm on from 0900-1000 Sun-Wed, I use that time to lab. My available time varies Thurs-Sat however my schedule is very flexible during those days.

My current level of play is not that great. I just started learning how to play on Hitbox. MK 11 is the first fighting game where I actually want to level up and "git good" therefore my fundamentals are severely lacking.

I technically main Sonya however I'm attempting to run the character towers for the entire roster in order to get comfortable with the Hitbox and learn as much.

Ck AeroVoid

Mk Casual, KI God
I will Add you all soon as I get home!
I should also mention i am not that good yet :p
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My GT: UncappedWheel82

I'm on the east coast and I usually play on Switch because...who has time to just sit and play in front of the tv?

Still though, if you want games add me and we can play. I'm usually available between 8 and 12 pm weekdays, and it's whatever on weekends.


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GT is Boi Snibbor. EST, Usually on during the early afternoon, or super late at night (1am or later).


Count me in!
GT: gazas
Wired, Sweden
Don't know when I'll be on again due to exams but feel free to contact me. I'm very open to getting my ass kicked and learn.


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So are we trying to do a kompetitive KoTH lobby this afternoon? Maybe around 5pm or so?

Anyone gonna be on today in the afternoon? I need to get some games in!

Ck AeroVoid

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So are we trying to do a kompetitive KoTH lobby this afternoon? Maybe around 5pm or so?

Anyone gonna be on today in the afternoon? I need to get some games in!
we need to get a day to play LmAo. What day would you all like to play the Koth On?

Ck AeroVoid

Mk Casual, KI God
Monday- Wednesday Ranked Koth and :DOGEFriday-Sunday Kustoms. I'll add that to the op! And anytime for those who can
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