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By MKB on Oct 5, 2017 at 5:27 PM
  1. MKB

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    We currently have an opening for a general site moderator on TYM. If you have been itching for a chance to join the team or know someone who might be a good fit, now is the time to inquire and submit your request to come on board! We are looking for an individual who is an active member of the forum and willing to assist with moderation duties as required. All staff positions are voluntary and unpaid. Having received previous infractions will not necessarily disqualify you from being considered. We do not care where you are from or what your gaming skill level is (though you should be at least somewhat knowledgeable about things.)

    When applying, please provide a brief summary as to why you should be considered for a moderator spot. Any questions about the position not mentioned, please feel free to ask in this thread. We hope to have this all wrapped up and a candidate chosen by the end of the weekend.

    **NOTE** Serious inquiries only!


    Responsibilities of the Position
    • Moderate all sections of the website as appropriate
    • Close, move, merge, and delete threads as necessary
    • Counsel and warn members who break the rules of the forum
    • Occasionally assist with front page articles
    • Report serious issues to lead moderators and above
    • Must be an active member of the forums
    • Must be an upstanding member of the community
    • Trustworthy
    • Previous moderation experience is not required, but a plus
    @STORMS @CrimsonShadow
    @Eldriken @Juggs @Goldy @Alien Substance
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As Forum General, my role is to ensure the forums are run as smoothly as possible via the assistance of the awesome staff in place. I also enjoy playing the old school MK games (MK2 most of all).
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Discussion in 'TYM News & Feedback' started by MKB, Oct 5, 2017.

    1. Eldriken
      "Serious inquiries only" means just that. If you're not interested or don't have someone you'd like to recommend, forego posting anything, please. This isn't the time to joke around or derail the thread.
    2. Revy
      I'll be messaging.
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    3. MKB
      To clarify...

      You can apply either by posting in this thread or by messaging me directly via PM.
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    4. x TeeJay o
      x TeeJay o
      I dont mind being a mod. I Wanted to be one about a year ago after being on the site for 2 years i don't really get the hate for it. I'd like to think i am a pretty reasonable poster tbh. I try not to engage in toxic stuff too much although i can't really remember if i did when i first joined. Im free Mon-Wed all day pretty much and fairly reachable throughout the weekend especially to take care of some mod responsibilities. How hard can being a responsible and reasonable person be? Hehe
    5. JagoBlakeFGC
      To quote Arbiter from Killer Instinct, "Were it so easy."

      If you should acquire the role, treat it well. I wish you the best of luck.
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    6. New York Pizza
      New York Pizza
      I nominate @x TeeJay o
    7. Crusty
      I’ll dm you later @MKB
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    8. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home
      I'll apply. Will do the dm thing.

      Much more interested in actual website maintenance though- no spots for web developers?
    9. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home
      +1 for teejay. Solid poster
    10. MKB
      Good question, but we are only looking to take on a site moderator at this time.
    11. MKB

      We will be accepting applications through the end of Saturday.
    12. JBeezYBabY
      Definitely nominate @x TeeJay o

      From what I've seen this short time being here, he seems like a fun, cool, and positive person that actually is a quality poster. Embracing n00bies like me with open arms, making me feel welcomed here is most definitely a quality a mod should have. And i think he fits that bill perfectly! He got my vote!

      Righteous :l:qtl:cool::qtr:r
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    13. TheGangstaFace
      Even though he secondaries (low key mains) Supergirl, I nominate @x TeeJay o
    14. Eddy Wang
      Eddy Wang
      I was a mod for TYM before and i was a kid lol
      If i didn't had so much going on for me right now i would definitely apply for, right now i think i've matured enough for a TYM staff.
      Also have previous moderation from other forums as well.

      2019 maybe, anyway good luck and hope you guys pick someone up to the task.
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    15. TAKUMA
      definitely @Eddy Wang
      a supreme member from the TYM masterrace year 2011 !!

      a no brainer imo
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    16. Ragnarök Tyr
    17. scarsunseen
      I applied via Goldy :) Been a member here for 6 years (but previously lurking). Time flies.
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    18. Mikemetroid
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    19. MKB

      can you please send me the application or just post it in the thread in our top secret forum? ;)
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    20. WoundCowgirl
      I would actually love to be a character forums general moderator. Clean them up and put them on the forefront. I think the character forums are the most important part of this site. Not sure if it's worth applying for though. @STORMS @CrimsonShadow
    22. EntropicByDesign
      I would have posted earlier, but before throwing my hat in I wanted to make sure that on the odd chance I was chosen I could/would live up to the responsibilities put before me.

      I'm a level headed poster, my primary fault being how LONG my posts tend to become. Im extremely active here and have been for quite a while.
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    23. MKB
      You can certainly focus on the character forums, but you would also be handling reports for the entire site.

      Thanks for applying, I'll throw your name in the hat and let the rest of the team know.
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    24. MKB
      The deadline for applying his passed. We are now in the process of reviewing all candidates and will be making a decision by tomorrow afternoon.

      Best of luck to everyone!
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