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TYM Podcast Ep 9: OG Xbox player eazytobeat Returns - Feat. Gerchap, m2dave, mastermalone and STORMS

The Team and I return with our latest Test Your Might Podcast... episode 9! The special part about the podcast is we bring on @eazytobeat who some may remember from back in the 2005 era when clans ruled the online competitive scene. eazytobeat was and still is an Xbox player and back then he was one of the select few that only the BEST players stood a chance competing against him. The thing is, not all of the players from back in that time are still around, so having eazytobeat return, if not just to come to the forums to chill with us, is super cool.

Of course I am also joined by the reputable members of the community, @Gerchap, @M2Dave and @mastermalone. We talk to eazytobeat to find out about his originals of playing Mortal Kombat. In fact, part of the way in, I thought of how @Shock would very much appreciate eazytobeat's UMK3 stories!

We do our best to keep our casts timed in good fashion and we even end it by touching on the "character crisis" that many players had and may still have. If you'd like to jump that the "character crisis" portion where we all give tips to others in regards to helping them find their main character, jump to about 1:10:00.

We hope you enjoy, and please Like, Share and Subscribe to the TYM channel. We plan to keep rolling! Thank you.

(BTW I apologize for how my mic sounds... I was having some tech issues. I'll have that fixed for next time.)



Great podcast guys, we definitely got into a time machine last night. It was very nice having you in the call MKMaster or should I just say @eazytobeat? Haa!!!
You should definitely go to that arcade and see if you’re still the record holder, it’d be amazing if you still are
One thing we didn’t mention is that we actually met in person about 10 years ago or so.
Nice to finally have you back