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TYM News Episode 4 - Evo, Nightwolf, Balance Patch, and more!

Hey guys, the TYM News Show is still around with a weekly round up of the latest happenings in the NRS/TYM community. The new intended schedule is a new episode at the beginning of each week (Monday/Tuesday).

Episode 4 is NOW AVAILABLE on Youtube

I've been working to improve these every week and I hope that the effort comes across to you all as well.

As always, I wish to supply a news show that YOU would like to see. I try to judge it based on something I would watch but that's not always what everyone wants to see.

Let me know what YOU want to see. If there's content you'd like to get on the show, please feel free to reach me via TYM DMs or Twitter (link below)

Preview agenda for next week: Kombat Kast, Valkyries, TYM League, and Final Round registration.

All of this is subject to change depending on other news that may come up and content availability.

Please like the video and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy this content. It costs nothing and helps me grow.

With any luck it will also bring more interested players into our community, but I can't do it alone I need YOUR help!

Episode 4 features:

[SPOILER FREE] Evo talk - Top 8 Breakdown with spoilers:

Nightwolf/Balance Patch

Scorpion Pressure

ETC McFly's Kung Lao Interactable Combos:

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Just thinking out loud, would you guys be interested in doing some community interviews? Not just top players, but the people who are actually here and participating