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TYM approaching 10 Year Anniversary - Shirt design? Ideas?


Maybe black shirt, with the red TYM logo on the front and have the MK dragon logo on the sleeves? Or maybe a big dragon logo on the back? Not sure what color the dragon should be though, maybe red to match the TYM logo?

Just brainstorming out loud a bit. It's kind of simple but I think it would look kool.


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i didnt had an tym account back in 2009 cos i was full sf4 so no reason to had one. here and there i read some stuff here back then but that changed when mk9 came out obviously.
definitely a lot of memories being so many years here.
the best thing by far is that i meet some really nice people over the years here, like for instance my all times favorite tym-bitch @Saltea Moonspell or my dude @Eddy Wang <3 (since they posted in this thread) but there are countless mk players i meet here over the years.

imo the real tym 10 year anniversary will be when mk9 became 10 years old ;D


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Would it be possible for all members on the site to get a badge by their icon if they are here before the anniversary?

Other than that, I was thinking of a shirt that combines IJ and MK since those are our primary games; a contest or community discussion to design it would be neat!

Maybe a new phrase by the logo that says "Celebrating 10 years with the NRS community" or maybe something like "Supporting the scene since date that TYM started

Maybe make the logo a different color to mark the occasion? Like how MKX was silver and MK11 is gold?

Just some ideas

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Damn, I've been here almost that long. Can't even remember what exactly was the first reason to get me here, precisely, but I guess it doesn't really matter, after all.

I said it once, and I will say it again. TYM, is the only service I check regularly on daily basis, since I can remember.

I'll be looking forward to those shirts!


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That's a great idea! A lot of websites allow for you to upload a design and then you can put it on mugs and hats and everything else you may want. I'd definitely get a mug for work.

We should check in the legality of using the dragon logo tho, if you're going to sell shirts you can't sell them with owned properties. There are ways around this but you'd have to take our orders, buy them all for yourself, then ship them out separately which sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Just something to think about.

Personally, I would stick with the TYM logo and maybe have Test Your Might written on the back or something like that.

Or alternatively, you can always have an artist draw something up other than a logo!


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Maybe just logo on the front (or back) and the text saying Test Your Might with a tiny est. 2009 on whichever side the logo isn't on. And test your might being in fatality font.
I'd need my photoshop at home, so I'll do that tonight, see how it looks. It'd be cool if we could all like edit our username on there too, depending which site Storms uses.

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A hoodie would be nice too. In gold letters as well since it's close to 10 years. Wow... I've been here this long and I haven't even made that many posts.:(

An alternate gold font would be nice though. A XXXL Hoodie too.