Tyler teases something called Wheel of Khaos

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by John Grizzly, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. John Grizzly

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    Baraka will have a walk through tomorrow as well as the new female (please be Sindel)

    Also, I hope this Wheel of Khaos thing is a new mode and not just some new segment of the Kombat Kast. Either way, can't wait to see who they show off tomorrow.
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  2. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    It's the thing the did last time for the Belt Battle. When Tyler and Derrick plays they have to spin a wheel which gives them a rule they must not break while playing.

    Not a new mode or anything to do with the game.
  3. ismael4790

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    Wheel of Khaos already appeared in last kombat kast. It's just a roulette of modifiers for the fights they display on stream, to make it more entertaining.
  4. John Grizzly

    John Grizzly The axe that clears the forest
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    ^ I see. Didn't realize that. My bad.

    Hopefully they'll show some new Baraka stuff we haven't seen before.
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  5. I remember the Kombat Kast for the kombat modifiers for MKX, this was boring as hell.

    Hopefully a character was revealed that day because it was painful to watch.
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  6. Ahmad

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    The Wheel of Khaos is Test Your Luck in real life.
  7. Raider

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    Hopefully they start the stream with new female reveal so i can turn it off after that.
  8. Skylight1

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    It's literally the thing they had for the first stream. It's a boring feature that is designed to induce the greatest cringe ever known to man, completely depleting the purpose of an interactive podcast which they proclaimed to be about.

    I need Jade to be revealed pronto so I can screencap it and turn it off immediately.
  9. MKF30

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    I think it's better than the belt or GL they fight for. Because it's actually not staged but random wheel of fortune style.

    I appreciate the time NRS takes to do these streams(they don't technically have to do) shame how these streams have spoiled some viewers...


    Sidenote: I can do without them wasting time for 5 minutes talking about nonsense, this I don't like but as far as what they show regarding the game, I'm all for that as long as they're showing, playing the game.
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  10. Skylight1

    Skylight1 http://TheJobPaid.com/?userid=1718732

    I mean technically if we're paying for a product and they aren't demonstrating the process or the percent of work that's already done, we deserve these podcasts without reproach. I wouldn't appreciate them doing something that all companies in the real world do without a second glance.
  11. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
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    Ahh, But do other companies in this case (gaming developers) do this without a second glance? I don't mean to take shots at others but I noticed people who takes shots at NRS forget we don't get this kind of treatment, interaction with fans from Capcom, Bandai, etc. Just saying....we're paying for it, but nobody forces us to pay for it. I'd be more leary preordering without any knowledge of what I'm getting which is why I enjoy these streams(aside from getting my MK fix til release) or they could just rush it and give us an incomplete game like someone else.
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  12. Metin

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    Agreed, i can skip their gossip..
  13. trufenix

    trufenix www.youtube.com/thetrufenix

  14. Can someone please erase all the shit that's on the wheel now and replace it with 10 slices of "play the newly revealed character vs Kabal"? Thanks.
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  15. Sablicious

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    Sounds like a concrete-slab-chopping mini game or some such gimmick... I hope it isn't... Almost as much as I hope they do not mis-allocate development time on whatever frivolous, throw-away brain fart mode/s, instead of a "Shaolin Monks" or adventure or tag (or MK Kart :DOGE) modes/s...
  16. Baconlord


    wheel of khaos is hype
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  17. BecomingDeath13

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    Did you even read the thread?
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  18. TopTierHarley

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    Highly doubt
  19. Didn't we only see like 3 special moves in the reveal build? I assume he's got close to 10 total like the others.
  20. Jynks

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  21. SinkFla

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    Baraka has the fewest special moves out of all announced and unannounced characters.

    Source: My Asshole.
  22. Nike

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    Did you watch the K&M break down of baraka? They cover alot
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  23. STB Sgt Reed

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    Wheel of Khaos is dumb cause I like watched how tyler has leveled up (not so much derek as he seems to always play the same).

    And for the old players segment they need players like Dizzy playing vs 16 bit rather than a random.
  24. Braindead

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    @GGA Saucy Jack isn't a random :(

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