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Twitch Rivals MK11 Event Happening Now

Twitch Rivals is another Eports thing where players play a game to win money (in this case, Twitch affiliates). Mortal Kombat 11 is joining the roster of games people are playing for money and it's all happening right now.


For details on what this is, the Smash.gg page has everything. Basically, the 4 people named as captains will play to determine the seeding, then they go do the Eleague thing of playing ranked to earn points, and they close out with a head to head series of matches. You can catch the stream at the link below if interested. The team are either not official or not posted anywhere yet, but click here for the attendee list.



had no idea this was even thing. How dose a big event like this not get a single announcement thread on tym in advance?
how can there be interest if no one knows about it?
Honestly, they didn't make it that easy to find info. I thought this was like that SFV TV Show from a few months ago until somebody told me it wasn't. Only reason I knew it was today was the people invited posting on Twitter