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Turtles are out for Xbox, initial impressions and answers to your questions


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Hey, just got the turtles.

First annoying thing, you have to get one to level 10 to open up a 4th load out slot so you can have all 4 geared up

Super super early impressions:

Mikey -- seems rough - literally everything he does is unsafe
Donatello -- seems slow and the combo potential seems low
Leonardo -- looks pretty good, good meterless damage potential with Donny trait launcher
Raphael -- seems strongest, lots of safe strings and plus strings. Not sure how to get out hype safely tho. But with 3 hypes he is a damage machine. 450+ for one bar easy, most damaging turtle for sure

Any questions feel free to ask and I'll be sure to answer best I can!
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How far does the shell divekick go? I can see the turtles struggling with zoning, but if the divekick is good they can avoid most of it.


Your sacrifice honors me!
How far does the shell divekick go? I can see the turtles struggling with zoning, but if the divekick is good they can avoid most of it.
Yeah, a little hard to describe. At round start if you jump back, at the top of the jump you do divekick, it reaches. That's about max range though. Not quite double round start range. Obviously you can jump forward into it to help.

Actually feels pretty quick on wiff tho
Can you confirm if the 4 physical Shaders with corresponding knee and arm pad colors for the 4 of them are New York Ninja (Donatello), New York Ninja (Alternate, Leo), Half-Shell Hero (Mikey) and Half-Shell Hero (Alternate, Raph).

Seems weird that Don's Shader is unlocked by playing, but the other 3 are via Source Crystals.


On the stream I think they said that leo's still trait comes out if you gêt hit, is this the case? if it is, can you interrupt pressure using trait? And how is donnie's low into overhead and overhead strings on block?


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Simple question, now that TMNT are slowly being released today, is there going to be 4 Separate Icons in the Injustice TYM Character Screen or just One Turtle?
I guess, there is gonna be one icon. And four subthreads. Just like in the case of Triborg.
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Tried out Leo for a bit and his damage seems pretty lackluster, although obviously I'm not optimising anything well. Also struggling to convert well off of his DP.
Super good footsie string though. B1, B2, and F2 are all super good, and their sweep seems pretty strong even though it's 14 frames since it has pretty good range and is safe.
J2 and D2 are both pretty lit attacks, even though D2 is a bit on the slow side.
Also they still come out but it seems advancing mids do really well, particularly against Donny's assist since he just jumps behind you if you go for something like F2 for Superman, and Raph's is a high so you can just D1 into combo it. Throws also seem to do well against Donny, particularly if they switch sides at the start of the animation.

That's my impression of Leo thus far but I probably won't end up maining them anyway


Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.
Also I just updated the list of gaps for Bane to armour through and I think all of Donatello's string have like a gap you can poke out of them and some of them are probably 8-9 frames I'd say. Raphael has like none and does a buttload of damage.