Turbo Ninja Sucessfully Mame'd!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat' started by YourMKArcadeSource, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Vassago187

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    oh snap! I gotta get this when I get home tonight!
  2. hey i just downloaded this rom and did everything you said in the video but when i play it it's still just mk1 5.0. When i put it in my roms folder it didn't ask if I wanted to overite it, maybe its different because i hav vista and you have XP. I want some help please i wanna play turbo ninja
  3. McCarron

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    I just sent off some 3.1 Turbo information to Smitdogg on MAMEWorld, hopefully 3.1 Turbo will be emulated soon as well.
  4. YourMKArcadeSource

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    Download it again. Save it to the desktop. Load Mame. Change your rom directory to look for roms on the desktop. After Mame is done rebuilding your rom list, there should only be ONE rom in your "available" list. It should me MK 5.0. However, it's really the Turbo Ninja. Try that.
  5. i just cant get this rom to work tryed 5 different things. when will it be on rom-nation.net?
  6. Roll, if Windows didn't ask ya to replace the existing file with the new one you are draging over either it's not the right roms folder or the file is named something else. Make sure the file is named "mk.zip" (no quotes of course) and put it into your mame roms folder, it should replace your existing mk.zip file, then when you fire up MAME just start "Mortal Kombat (rev 5.0 T-Unit)", you should have turbo ninja.

    Worked on my Vista machine and the XP machine I am in the process of putting into a MK Midway cabinet.

    Good luck.
  7. its a lost cause helpin me on turbo ninja but thanks 4 help people but i give up. i tryed every suggestion in this thread. i cant unzip it cuz winrar ran out BUT i hav Marvel vs Capcom 1 that has not been unzipped but i can play it . I don't understand it so fuck it. :'( <---- lol

    p.s. if yall still hav suggestions i will still try them but its not the end of the world 4 me if i dont play this. peace out
  8. You don't unzip MAME roms. the mk.zip file for example goes into c:\mame32\roms on mine anyway. Your's will vary due to diffrent MAME flavor's out there.
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    i want to express my thanks to the MK3fan for adding these 2 hacked mk versions in our rom collection,really good stuff,regards :)
  10. YourMKArcadeSource

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    You're welcome, but I only added the Turbo Ninja. The 3.1 Turbo was added my "McCarron."
  11. soultaker

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    then the thanks go to both of you :)
  12. hey i just got this rom workin finally and did a few cool combos. it is freakin sweet. I luv it!!

    Would n e one like to play this super broken game with me in God weapon or P2P? if so hit me up because i wanna play it online

    MK3Fan thanks for gettin this rom available for download. Your the man!!
  13. YourMKArcadeSource

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    You'RE welcome.
  14. YeahMKMAN

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    How do you make the ROM work? I have MAME.
  15. soultaker

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    use google and find these roms ;)
  16. Dreadish

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    mame32k is what u need... The roms u can find on internet .. just type mk rev 5 " in Uncle Google. U have too put the rom files (leave them zipped) into Roms" folder where you have mame. Then u have too let mame too scan roms that u have , so they will be available under "available games" list in mame. To do that you have too go under "option >> directories" and browse your roms folder and press ok. It will scan roms and then u can start game from the list! Too Setting up keys in game "press Tab" when game is running and setup keys under "input this game"
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    I've never played Turbo Ninja until last night and it's so brutal!!! Love it.

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