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Awesome. I’ve been switching between him and kid Gohan as my point

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Pick up & kill it & kill it & kill it!
I usually put him at point or battery. I'm more than likely going to have him on my main team with Yamcha & A.Gohan. Him having only 1 low kind of sucks.

Definitely one of my main characters though.
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My eyes may be playing tricks on me but it feels like 214L carries momentum of a forward dash or forward air dash.


What makes him so difficult in your opinion ??

I kind of agree in his diffuculty it not as easy as per say goku black. Id say cuz of his tool kit.

Instead of a normal attack based specials, his specials revolve more around mobility based. He also only has ground supers. He can do some crazy mixups in thr corner but overall he seems to be a very honest character.

He's probably best as mid or point