TOP TEN MK9 Mistakes

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  1. Seven

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    Post what you feel are the top ten mistakes Netherrealm has made involving MK9. Hopefully this will serve as a guide to Netherrealm as what NOT to do in the upcoming games.

    1. Nerfing Subzero in one of the latest patches
    2. Giving Kenshi armor on everything :mad:
    3. Giving PS3 Kratos and not giving Xbox 360 Masterchief
    4. Player 1 advantage
    5. Allowing a tournament to happen with Kabal having an infinite.
    6. Not being able to have someone from online on your team in a tag match
    7. The music in MK9 sucks
    8. Not making more DLCs
    9. No Hara-Kiris :(
    10. Giving us Scarlett as a DLC instead of Ashrah!
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  2. CptXecution

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    inb4 thread gets flamed.
  3. Eh SnOwY

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    Eh SnOwY
    Not buffing mil... oh wait i dont want to start it.
  4. Temjiin


    1. Making online too godlike. Who would even leave their house when the netcode is this good?
  5. GLoRToR

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    I'll give you a top 5 tbh.
    5. Rushed development
    4. Poor design choices
    3. Horrible resource management
    2. Doing it in the console industry instead of making a contract with Valve and launching it over steam
    1. And thus fucking their own business over by not being able to patch due to absolutely prehistoric business confines.
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  6. Relaxedstate

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    The biggest mistake NRS made was:

    1. Listening to people who are dumb and don't know anything about this game....

    You all have no idea what goes on in NRS studio so stop crying....IT IS STUPID AND YOU SOUND ANNOYING
  7. skarlet > ashrah

    training mode was the biggest mistake
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  8. Lumpymoomilk

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    Even with all their screw ups this is the best MK since Mk2 for me personally. My major complaints are online lag, input bug, player one advantage, these invincible glitches, unbreakable resets, block infinites and a little bit more balance. But the character roster, stages, story mode are the best from any MK games I've seen. There's no gimmicks like stage traps, falling kombat ect. This one is leagues above anything NRS has done in the last 15 years for a worthy fighter.
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    Here's what I think:
    1) Calling in 5-6 UMK3 players at the last minute expecting them to sieve everything out in less than a week
    2) Using a modified version of MKDC's Unreal engine
    3) Using Unreal Engine for a fighting game to begin with.
    4) Lead developing the game on Xbox 360 dev kits.
    5) Random winner for what should be a draw or a double K.O. (it's one thing for a fighting game not to have physical trades, but this is unacceptable, even MK1 had draws, dafuq?)
    6) MK3 section of the story mode. Sheer cop-out.
    7) Too much buffing/nerfing in patches, not enough bug fixing
    8) Completely removing tools from Scorpion because he's a poster boy and thus scrubs will use him yet somehow that didn't matter for Liu Kang, Sub-Zero or Raiden.
    9) Turning Sub-Zero into a pure turtle character with gimmicks that got figured out in less than 3 months.
    10) Online. Nuff said.
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  10. McNasty

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    moves that are negative on hit

    balancing too much too early via online complaining.

    promising good netcode lol

    not keeping a closer eye on the testers

    unreal/2.5d models

    put hot fixing in place without true frame data

    Sheeva is a grappler with no grab priority lol

    Jade is fucking bad.

    P1 advantage

    Training mode needed a record function.

    Corner properties are verrrry strange.

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  11. THTB

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    -Using lengthy animations you'd see in 3D games. Biggest reason jumping is such a strong option.
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  12. Seven

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    This is definitely the BEST mk so far, it's not my favorite, but it's a big improvement from the previous installments. Obviously the good out weighs the bad in this game, that's why I play it. And again this isn't an attack, just suggestions of improvement.
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  13. STORMS

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    Actually thought this thread was for "Top 10 Player Mistakes in Tournaments", someone wanna make that one?
  14. Seven

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    I think that would be too difficult to come up with. For each person to think of 10 mistakes.
  15. STORMS

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    not to derail this thread, but a generality would be "jumping in on Dizzy" for example.

    You may be right now... still might work but I see your point.
  16. Seven

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    One thing I would like to add that is that when you search for a Ranked Match, it should pair you up with someone that is of similar fighting skill. I think right now, searching for an opponent in Ranked Match is completely random.
  17. CrimsonShadow

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    I'm on it.
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  18. Juggs

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    #1. 3D properties in a 2D game
    #2. Dash nerf
    #3. Patching the game too many times in a short period of time. The amount of patching wasn't the problem. It was the fact that it was like every other week. If they were just patching glitches/infinites that would be fine, but they were also balance patches.

    That's my 3 main complaints.
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  19. BillStickers

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    "Teleporting against Dizzy" was another one. Punished every single time and PL *still* refused to respect it.
  20. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
    1. Kitana's face
    2. Killing Motaro offscreen
    3. Making Kahn and the Shokans unplayable
    4. Blockstun
    5. Being able to cancel into military stance
    6. Not giving Freddy some one liners
    7. Not being able to record moves for the dummy in training
    8. Making ex ghost linebacker +7 on fucking block
    9. Making SZ's ice blast look completely gimped and full of ass compared to Cyrax net
    10. The shitastic online code
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  21. sub_on_dubs

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    No particular order:

    1. Giving everyone armor so they could compete with Sub Zero.
    2. Making Kabal retardedly good.
    3. Making Kenshi retardedly good.
    4. Online(wow, compared to TTT2, it's obvious Nrs didn't give this any importance.)
    5. Glitches
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  22. Rathalos

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    There is nothing wrong with Unreal as an engine, its kind of a weird choice for a fighting game because of how hard it it to maintain 60FPS on a console, but they used some black magic to perform it, so its fine. Its a great looking engine that is very easy to use.

    I don't know the specifics but I believe the only real reason they used it was because Midway had a deal with Epic games, Midway published a bunch of there stuff and I would guess gave them discounts on the engine. The ps2 games all used the renderware engine from EA/Criteiron, that engine died during the transition from PS2>PS3 so it was not an option. After all there work too get MKvsDC to run on Unreal it would be a waste to stop using it now, plus WB has a studio wide deal with EPIC for the UE, Rocksteady, Monolith and NRS all use it. They could make there own engine but that would take time, anywhere from a year to three years, and there is no guarantee that what ever they make would be better then UE3.

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  23. Vagrant

    Vagrant Spears and tiers.

    ...No Mokap...
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  24. Chongo

    Chongo Dead Kings Rise

    10. Kabal
    9. Kabal
    8. Kabal
    7. Kabal
    6. Kabal
    5. Kabal
    4. Kabal
    3. Kabal
    2. Kabal
    1. Sheeva
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