Top 8 for Tonight's War of the Gods

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    It's Wednesday, so y'all know what that means: MK11 wasn't announced! So while you are dealing with that heartbreak, go check out some Injustice 2 action with the Season 1 Week 1 War of the Gods Top 8.

    Over on Winner's, we have some familiar faces: bc Honeybee vs HZRDS Knicks and Noble Semiij vs Noble Tweedy. If you missed out on the first 2 seasons, I would expect to see these names in quite a few Top 8s later on.

    In Loser's, we have some good reasons as to why you should register (it's free) for next week: We have some more returning Top 8 placers, EMPR Kombat and Method Sylverrye. However, we also have some new names in DSV Basics (believe he did pretty well last season) and Alexander-The-1 (don't believe he's made a WOTG Top 8 yet). We've already got some new variables in the WOTG standings, and this is only week 1. Will Semiij finally be dethroned? Will Tweedy be able to defend his championship title? Who knows! You will though, when you tune in at 8PM EST on tonight!
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