Top 8 For Injustice 2 EVO 2018

Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by HellblazerHawkman, Aug 3, 2018.

By HellblazerHawkman on Aug 3, 2018 at 8:45 PM
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    So EVO started today. That's pretty cool. You know what isn't pretty cool? Not seeing who the Top 8 for tomorrow is. Since the Top 8 isn't happening on stream, TYM has got you covered with the details you need so you don't end up looking like a dork in front of the bike racks after school finally lets out.

    After some great matches, some major upsets and some heartbreak, the Top 8 for tomorrow finally settled in at:

    Noble Rewind (Blue Beetle) vs. Noble Semiij (Catwoman)
    BigD (Poison Ivy) vs. Echo Fox SonicFox (Red Hood)

    bc Biohazard (Harley Quinn/Bane) vs. Noble Tweedy (Starfire/Fate)
    PG Hayatei (Robin) vs. Method SylverRye (Hellboy)

    As for when and where you can watch all of this? Swing on by, EVO 5 or Netherrealm's Twitch at 12PM PST (about 3PM EST) to see who will be this year's Injustice 2 EVO champion. But if you can't watch, TYM will have a play-by-play ready so you can see how it all went down. See you guys tomorrow!

    Special thanks to Beyond Toxin for continuing the stream over on his Twitch channel. Go Amazon Prime sub him if you have it.
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Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by HellblazerHawkman, Aug 3, 2018.

    1. Mikemetroid
      I wish GRR was there, but I'll take this!
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    2. trufenix
      Yo, where dem starfire mirrors at
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    3. kevkopdx
      I wish this game didn’t lose popularity... lots of fun matches and character variety. No duplicate mains in top 8.
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    4. Slymind
      Hayatei better grind that Hellboy's matchup.
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    5. Protagonist_1
      I got to see top 16 in person, it was so tense. Unfortunate it wasn't streamed, but check beyondtoxin's stream were he streamed a few.
    6. Jynks
      did top 32+ jusy show hardly any matches? I missed fox getting knocked out and BD winning...
    7. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      The stream stopped around 7PM EST and suddenly cut to Tekken 7 pools so hardly any top 8 qualifying matches were streamed, which is shameful. Fortunately, Beyond Toxin streamed some of the matches from his phone. The community itself needs to be held accountable, though. The viewership never crossed 5K.

      The matches were arguably the most competitive ones that I have ever seen. They were far superior in quality to any of the other streams. The game also looked great in terms of character variety and gameplay styles.
    8. Marinjuana
      Yea man, when I watch quality gameplay like that for hours on and see those numbers? It kills me
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    9. Marinjuana
      BTW shout out to all the commentators, we're spoiled with how good it is
    10. Jynks
      Yeah that is just fucking BS.. we get 6 hours of pools and 3-0s as sharks feast on krill and then just as the good games start they cut away. That is just so fucked. I am LIVID. I just can not believe that.

      That is just not true. Evo5 was streamed to 3 locations, including Youtube, Stream.Me and Netherealm's Twitch... each had decent numbers with 13K on youtube alone. I think Stream me has the lowest count and then Evo5 as evo5 was subscription chat only so no one was watching there.
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    11. Braindead
      So 6(?) out of the top 8 were solo character runs but the game is heavily unbalanced and counterpick-based I hear?????

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    12. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Awesome EVO so far, and this Top 8 looks awesome as well. 5 out of those 8 players are character loyalists (Rewind used Firestrom against Scar's Brainiac, so it's not just Blue Beetle), only proves even further how both balanced and fun IJ2 is, like it already proved several times.

      As long as it's either Big D or Tweedy taking it I'm happy, either Poison Ivy or Starfire taking it will be great for me.

      Also I gotta mention how HoneyBee got the Catch The 4:30 To Metropolis Trophy with Starfire in the set against Kitana Prime's Wonder Woman, that was actually really dope.
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    13. kabelfritz
      sonic fox in winners, huh? whenever you think he's done..
    14. Cursa
      Can't really ever count him out tbh
    15. rainuS

      you forgot about the Mixer
    16. Bruno-NeoSpace
      Great top8! :)

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    17. Cashual
      Going to echo @Jynks here. What a slap in the face. If we had gotten only an hour of pools and the entirety of semis that would’ve been fine, instead we got some dude using GL who had no idea how to play the game getting free-0’d.

      I did have a great time chatting with you guys on though (username Cansuela).

      Such a shame how it played out as the matches were absolutely amazing.
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    18. Laos_boy
      Semiij vs Hayatei was so good
      Bio vs Stain. Props to bio for winning a hard MU for Harley.
      Big D in general was great
      Sonic still plays don't let him fool you
      Great top 8 lots of variety
    19. jmt
      EVO is run by morons. Let’s stream garbage ass pool play and then not stream top 16.
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    20. Tundra81
      Where's my omelet?;)
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    21. Cashual
      ‘Mon through! I got you.
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    22. kevkopdx
      lol tweedy! Yelling at sonic fox
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    23. neveradestroyer
      Yes!. Rewind won. Very well deserved.
    24. Cashual
      Amazing top 8 man. Good shit @Tweedy for an incredible losers run. Bio, Semiij,Big D, Sonic?! Crazy.

      And of course, big props to Rewind! What a killer! Huge stable of characters, and the definition of young man reactions!

      Great showing for the game and NRS! Can’t wait for IPS finals
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