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TONY-T Presents: Shao Kahn Challenge at NEC


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This all wouldn't be possible without TONY-T and his awesome modded PS3. We did some first to two tournament style match-ups against the dreaded Shao Kahn. Can Shao Kahn be defeated, or is he too strong for the cast? Check out some of the vids below to find out. This was done in all good fun of course Enjoy.




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Haha, wow.. This looks like a blast. The shoulder infinite had me dying.

All he needs is a low hitbox to be completely broken :p

EDIT: LOooool, it gets funnier and saltier as it goes on.. This is hillarious.


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I'm surprised the developers made sprites for the bosses in the character select and versus screens. Pretty cool!

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Well in story mode Kabal did take one look at Shao Khan and said "I can take him." Guess that was REO talking.


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Ok so, if I'm not mistaken:

Shao Kahn vs Kabal: 0.5 - 9.5
Shao Kahn vs Kano: 9-1
Shao Kahn vs Cage: 6-4
Shao Kahn vs CSZ: 6.5-3.5
Shao Kahn vs Ermac: 7-3

In short, Shao Kahn is very powerful, Kano will forever suck, and Kabal is forever broken... good job NRS!