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TOMORROW! [TEASER] BCF2: Injustice 2 Show Matches feat. Slayer, Han Rashid, Awesomo, & Krayzie

Body Count Fighting 2 (BCF2) will feature some of the best talent in Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, and Tekken 7 in a series of exhibition/show matches. Matches include: Princess Ling vs. SperoGin in a Tekken 7 Feature Match, Awesomo vs. Krayzie in an Injustice 2 Feature Match, LowTierGod vs. KillerMiller in a Street Fighter V Feature Match, Slayer (Champion) vs. Han Rashid in an Injustice 2 Title Match, and Commander Jesse (Champion) vs. LPN in a Street Fighter V Title Match.

BCF2 streams on Thursday, July 27 at 6:00PM PST on http://twitch.tv/bcfighting and http://youtube.com/c/bcfighting.


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