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General/Other - Sub-Zero Tom Brady going to NEC w/ a vengeance


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NEC (Northeast Championships XV) is approaching fast; Dec. 17-18 to be precise. NEC has always been regarded as of the very largest East Coast events (if not the largest) that is ran by @BigE . It's the time of the year where if you wanna see the vast majority of the competition coming together to dust off the hiatus and burn the tumbleweed... you want to make plans to either attend or make sure you can tune in.

Mortal Kombat veteran, @Tom Brady has been on a hiatus for a little while now. It's been some time since we've seen him in the tournament light, but the name is never forgotten. Well, it's time to gear up and get excited because it looks like Tom is confirmed (or will be soon) for NEC 15. Tom was streaming recently and running a donation drive to get to NEC and from the looks of it, it went well.

To make things even more interesting, this bit was clipped from his Twitch channel thanks to Zyphox . Tom is coming to NEC... w/ a few words of choice.

(See link below image)

"I'm going to show you... how much of my problems... WAS MY CHARACTER!!!... in the previous version of the game in the old patch... AND HOW MUCH WAS ME!!!... 'CAUSE I'M COMIN' TO F**K. SHIT. UP!"

Source: https://twitter.com/DrZyphox/status/797158321052667904 & https://clips.twitch.tv/mktombrady_vs_mkreo/GiftedKoupreySuperVinlin?tt_medium=twtr
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Nothing against Tom, but am I the only one who finds asking for a donation drive really embarassing?

Good luck at NEC
I've gone back and forth on this. I used to think the same as you. But then I figured, if I had put time and effort into building this character and entertaining fans to the point where they're willing to pay for me to go and compete, then why not?


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There is nothing wrong with running "GoFundMe" and other things.. in fact getting fans to help you out is basically the same as being sponsored by a "team". The only difference is that your funded privately by people that watch your shows. I get that many people are cheap and want 100s and 1000s of hours of 100% free entertainment, but if GoFundMe, Patreon, Channel Subscription and the like has shown us is that many people are more generous and have a deeper understanding of "fair play" than you might think. IMO, as long as content is given free, there is nothing wrong with asking people to put a few bucks into a fund if they want to help out.


Nothing against Tom, but am I the only one who finds asking for a donation drive really embarassing?

Good luck at NEC
I find pandering for donations to be embarrassing, or selling donations (IE ft5 you if you donate, sub, etc. When otherwise you wouldn't play))

But if Tom is just hosting a donation drive for those who want to see him play, then there's no fault in that. ppl love him, his personality and his drive, myself included. if I was in the position to donate, I would have.

Guess it all depends on how u see it..

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I always want him to do well because nothing makes me cringe harder than when he gets emo and all the losers on his stream ride his cock for however long he is pouting to make him feel better. But when he is in a good mood he is one of the most valuable contributors to the MK and especially SZ community.