(TODAY, 12/11) Body Count Fighting 2017 Online Injustice 2 Tournament

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    Calling all rising stars in the fighting game community -- Want to win a trip to the Los Angeles area to play against some of the FGC's best players? Body Count Fighting is hosting four online fighting game tournaments in December 2017, offering winners of their respective games a feature match at a BCF live event in 2018.

    Dates for the tournaments are as follows:

    Monday, 12/11 @ 4:00PM PST - Injustice 2 Online Tournament

    Tuesday, 12/12 @ 4:00PM PST - Tekken 7 Online Tournament

    Monday, 12/18 @ 4:00PM PST - Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Online Tournament

    Tuesday, 12/19 @ 4:00PM PST - Street Fighter V Online Tournament

    Body Count Fighting is working with Brachyon to organize each tournament bracket. If you're interested in competing, be sure to sign up using our Brachyon link: https://www.brachyon.com/event/body-count-fighting-2017-online-tournaments (spots are limited so be sure to sign up ASAP!)

    Each tournament will be double-elimination.

    All four tournaments will be streamed in their entirety on the Body Count Fighting Twitch channel at http://twitch.tv/bcfighting, as well as Machinima's recently launched 24/7 AlwaysOn channel, http://twitch.tv/machinima.

    Replays of all matches will be found on the Body Count Fighting YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/bcfighting

    For more information on how the tournament will be organized, including the official Discord server information and tournament organizer info, please read our rules here: https://www.brachyon.com/event/body-count-fighting-2017-online-tournaments

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Body Count Fighting 2017 Online Tournaments
Start Date: Dec 11, 2017 04:00 PM
End Date: Dec 11, 2017 10:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -08:00 PST

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Discussion in 'North American Tournaments & Events' started by bcfighting, Nov 27, 2017.

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