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TMNT Watchtower Date and Time


Mr. Righteous
It would be really lame if they decide to release the trailer tomorrow before the stream. We want...EDIT we NEED the hype NOW!


Mr. Righteous
Right. Thats the Watchtower BUT the actually release trailer is what we need today. It just says "Keep an eye out for it".


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YES! Would you ever consider streaming again? Would love to see you play the turtles

Pretty excited for the turtles. Wish the trailer was coming out today, though.
I've been thinking about maybe streaming again. I've just been derping around with Superman for now until I get my hands on the Turtles. I'll decide what to do after that.

It's almost surreal the Turtles are in a competitive fighting game. Super excited.


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will watch tower be on the same time as War of the Gods?