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TMNT Turtling Glitch as Explained by Noble Raptor


Confused Thanagarian

Warning: the word "turtle" will appear several times in the next two paragraphs. That's because a new glitch was discovered with the day old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles involving an exploit you can do involving the Turtling special and the MB variation of Turtling. Noble Raptor takes us through just what you can do by MB Turtling before you try some Turtling cancels.

The way this works (if I understand correctly, my Ph.D isn't in Turtles) is that if you do a MB Turtling special before you get into a combo, the recovery on a normal Turtling special is WAY quicker, allowing some blockstrings and corner combos that wouldn't normally be possible. There might be some more character specific tech you can use with this, Raphael's restand can be made safer using it. While this is probably going to get patched out, it's some pretty neat tech to play around with. Check out how it works down below, and make sure to follow Raptor on Twitter for more.