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Mikey's neutral is better, shell mill being a great tool to make people afraid of walking back is the most important thing about it tbh, the skateboard helps but shell mill makes people think twice about trying to play footsies with mikey. Flash is a better character tho, he has more dmg, more safety and a better "real" pressure, really can't see him not being top 5.

Back to the turtles, I think Donnie is possibly the worst character in the game. It's been only 3 weeks I know but he has to risk his life to even try to play neutral. Everything he has is unsafe or has a gap (sometimes both), he has serious whiffing issues from up close (actually the base TMNT moveset has, d1 and s2, his only decent mids, are not reliable at all) he can't really build meter bc every special he has is punishable, and his normals, well, they are too, he has decent dmg and a 50/50 but no real way to get his game going. Idk but I haven't seen a character so fundamentally flawed in a NRS game since IGAU's scorpion. Not even Raiden feels as helpless as donnie. He feels completely pointless at his current state.
All I can say is go and watch Destroyer’s stream when he uses Donny. He is unsafe yes, but Donny can crank out good damage if you know what your doing. He’s netting 450-500 damage with him. You have to use bar, but this game gives away bar like candy on Halloween. I wouldn’t say he is great, but I really dont believe he’s the worst. I cant really pinpoint a character that is anywhere near Injustice Scorpion tier IMO. This game is a lot more balanced then past games. I think we become more and more critical as new generations of fighters come about.


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He might be the worst turtle arguably but he isn't the worst in the game imo. I'd rather fight a Cold or Grodd over a Donnie any day. I find him easier to deal with then the other turtles though outside of a few matchups.

The Farmer

Gunslinger since pre ptch -Shout out 2 Youphs 2015
Another thing about Donny that's not talked about is how good his trait is in the right match ups. That projectile trait is not used enough. Full screen from a zone you can throw far trait projectile absorb right in front of a Ds or Fate, and close the distance.


Anyone have problems with tmnt d1 whiffing?
I'm having problems with everything whiffing. d1, f2, ji3, ji2, db3 air db3, b3. It feels like nothing I do hits the opponent. I'm using Raph but not sure if he has issues or its just me that I can't hit an opponent into a block string.


Also is it just me or is getting hype not worth it. You can get 500 dmg for a 5 level combo but you still require at least 1 bar of meter. Other characters easily do this (you can use more meter if necessary which is easier to obtain and plentiful compared to the getting hype trait) without having to put themselves at risk of getting full combo punished. The recovery on get hype is just too much for what its worth also with the wonky hitbox of ralph its very easy to drop your best combo.


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Hot Take: Leo is the best turtle and might end up being top 10-15 range overall.


Getting hype in some matchups is simply impossible without being punished, and the dmg is good but is not woth it most of the times imo, I only save it for unclashables.

The TMNT base moveset has really obnoxious whiffing issues. D1, S1, S3, S2, J3, F2 all whiff very often. Even some unique moves whiff a lot, most of them are Raph's (like b12, j2 and 4). I also feel like the except from mikey's all of their d2s are pretty inconsistent.


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I know a lot of people have been having trouble getting hype, because it's really unsafe to do in the neutral. But, here's the best way (in my opinion) to build up your hypes SAFELY and maintain consistent high damaging combos!

Get Hype can be SPECIAL CANCELED AT ANY POINT into parry, trait, or super move. The MB has much quicker recovery and gives you 2/5 hype each time, while maintaining the cancel ability.

You can condition your opponent to respect your hype acquisition by using different strings into get hype and then using the parry. Once they're conditioned, you get free hype! But if they bait the parry they get to punish you for a full combo. It's really risky if you make the wrong read, but you can special cancel it at any time, meaning you can SOMETIMES do it in the neutral and punish an attempt to catch your hype with a parry.

The MB is much better than the normal one because the parry still takes time to come out.